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Lisa Vanderpump Calls Kyle Richards “Attack” At Villa Rosa Part Of “A Well-Orchestrated Plan” With Costars

Viewers knew Season 9 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was going to be a rough one for Lisa Vanderpump. Before it even began, Lisa was absent from group photos. Then no one from the cast attended the Vanderpump Dogs Gala. 

Ten episodes into the season also known as “#puppygate,” we’ve seen for ourselves how things have gone from bad to worse between Lisa and her costars. It culminated in the infamous showdown at Villa Rosa with Kyle Richards.  An episode followed by one in which Camille Grammer made fun of Lisa’s teeth and breath at an outing with the other ladies .

Lisa is now speaking out on her personal blog Very Vanderpump. First, she had some choice thoughts for Camille. “I was totally unaware that Camille had spewed such garbage and salivated over my absence from the group until I was enlightened, courtesy of Andy [Cohen] on WWHL [Watch What Happens Live],” Lisa wrote.  “To conjure up vitriolic statements about a person, with no regard for their feelings or ramifications that might ensue, is abhorrent.” 

Lisa pointed out that attacking her appearance, “takes it to another level.”  While Camille did apologize on social media, according to Lisa “the hurt still lingers.”   

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Lisa summarized Kyle’s attack in her kitchen: “We need you to know that we all feel that you are a liar.” Not only was Kyle’s delivery terrible, but Lisa rued the timing as well, which overshadowed the passage of a Congressional resolution related to the dog meat trade in China. “It seems extraordinary to me, that the very day KR launched her attack in my kitchen, was also the day H.Res.401 passed….”

“The four years of dedication to this cause was unimportant,” Lisa continued with irony. “And, by the way, to all concerned, if I was more interested in my own image than my friendships, as KR [Kyle Richards] vociferously stated, the success of the resolution passing should’ve been in the press, not a negative dog dumping story that could potentially harm our Foundation.”

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Lisa followed this with a bombshell. Apparently, an hour after their fight, Lisa, Ken [Todd] and a good friend of theirs went to the Polo Lounge. “And there it was,” Lisa wrote. “ KR, DK [Dorit Kemsley], TM [Teddi Mellencamp] huddled in a corner chewing the fat. I was disgusted and knew it was a well-orchestrated plan, that had been executed to perfection.”  That must have been shocking!

Although Kyle sent Lisa a birthday text the next day, Lisa wrote it felt like “a hollow statement, it felt insincere to me-there were no flowers, no phone call, no messages of retraction-she knew I was reticent to celebrate my birthday this year so soon after a family tragedy, I was insulted that she chose to discard our friendship, as if it was insignificant.” These friendship break-ups can be devastating and it’s safe to say the viewers have felt Lisa’s pain this season. 

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That led to Lisa’s decision to block Kyle on her phone. “She threw our relationship down the toilet and I flushed it!”  Lisa also singled out the notorious “Goodbye Kyle” video where Kyle mocks Ken as further proof that Kyle doesn’t mourn the loss of their friendship. “I see the funny side of most things, but when a relationship is in tatters it would be challenging for me to mock the other party. Also, one should never accuse a friend without proof, end of story.”

Lisa noted how grieving for her brother had “take a personal toll” and left her feeling the need to regroup. “I felt for the first time in my life I truly floundered and sought help from counseling and antidepressants in a bid to regain some sort of normalcy.”  

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Lisa realized that happiness was not to be found with her cast members. She wrote, “It wasn’t just a case of distancing myself, I was trying to emerge from under the dark cloud that had shrouded me, it was a case of protecting myself.”  


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