Scheana Marie Has “Empathy For Kyle Richards” In Fight With Lisa Vanderpump

GOODBYE KYLE! The fight between Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards still has us shook. The entire argument at Villa Rosa was disturbing to watch. Their longtime friendship is in shambles, and may never recover. It’s crazy to think that a little rescue dog with the dumbest name ever came in between them like this. However, even though the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are Team Kyle, not everyone is.

Even though Lisa’s costars may not seem very loyal to her, one group of people owes Lisa EVERYTHING. The Vanderpump Rules cast is surely Team Lisa all the way on this right? Lisa went through hell with Brandi Glanville over her allegiance to Scheana MarieSurely, Scheana is automatically on Lisa’s side no questions asked as a result. Right? It turns out that the longtime SURver might not see the situation so black and white.

Scheana shared her thoughts with TooFab on that epic fight between Kyle & Lisa, and we’re a little surprised. Despite all Lisa has done for her, she doesn’t fully have her back in the situation.

In regards to the fight, Scheana said, “Watch that, I just hope, because it’s still so early in the season, I’m hoping that there’s another conversation that they have because that was really hard to watch. I had empathy for Kyle in that situation because that would be me in that situation, like if I was trying to get through to Lisa. So my heart broke for Kyle, but then just seeing how frustrated Lisa was that her best friend’s calling her a liar, my heart broke for her, [too]. So I’m like, ‘Ah, I’m on both of your sides here!’ It was really hard to watch.”

Yes. It was really hard to watch. I don’t enjoy watching someone refuse to own their bad behavior season after season. How many times does someone have to call out LVP before she admits, “Yes I can be manipulative”. Just some food for thought.

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The craziest part of the entire fight was hands down Ken Todd’s involvement. It was bothersome beyond words. Kyle held her composure, but no man should EVER speak to a woman like that.

Scheana weighed in Ken’s part in the fight saying, “It was like, ‘Hell, yes! Stand up for your woman!’ He’s like 70 years old, and he’s still got that spunk.”

If spunk is being overly aggressive in a defenseless woman’s face, I do not want to have that spunk when I’m that age. Setting aside allegiances to either of the women, it was still something completely unacceptable to take place.

One thing for certain is that LVP has never been as vulnerable in the history of RHOBH as we saw in that fight. The pink queen of prim and proper was giving off a much different vibe in that moment.

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Scheana told the interviewer, “I think most of the time, let’s say 85 percent of the time, you see Lisa very poised, composed, always says the right things, is just very close to perfect. And then in those moments where she breaks down, you see she is a real person, and she has real feelings. I don’t think [viewers] have ever seen that side of her that we saw [during that argument], where she’s just sad and broke and angry. It was raw Lisa that you don’t really see often because she keeps everything inside.”

It’s unclear what the future holds for Lisa and Kyle, but resolution at the reunion would be nice. Whether they reconcile or not, that thrilling fight shouldn’t be the last time they ever speak.

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