Lisa Vanderpump Started Taking Anti-Depressants Amid Real Housewives Drama

The “puppy gate” scandal on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is rolling on (and on) with no end in sight. Lucy Lucy Apple Juice is the breakout star of the series—no one has been discussed more this season. But the entire controversy has weighed heavily on Lisa Vanderpump and destroyed her relationships with the other Beverly Hills ladies.

RHOBH co-star Dorit Kemsley adopted a dog from Lisa’s rescue organization, Vanderpump Dogs. Allegedly, Lucy nipped her husband, PK Kemsley, and their children. Dorit “re-homed” the dog, and somehow, Lucy ended up in a shelter. Had Dorit followed the instructions in the adoption contract, she would not currently owe the organization a $5,000 fee, and the pup wouldn’t have been in a shelter. Since Dorit had previously adopted and returned a dog to Vanderpump Dogs, she surely knew all about this.

Somehow the story leaked out to the tabloids, and all the ladies pointed their well-manicured fingers right at LVP. Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave said that she was somehow manipulated to take part in the plot to expose Dorit. This resulted in a spectacular fight at Villa Rosa between Lisa, her bestie Kyle Richards, and Lisa’s husband, Ken Todd. Kyle is lucky Hanky or Panky didn’t nip her on her way out. Kyle, and her jaunty hat, will probably never be at Villa Rosa again.

Besides dealing with these shenanigans, Lisa suffered the tragic death of her brother in April of 2018. Enduring the loss of her sibling, coupled with all the drama from Season 9, has token a toll on the busy star. In an article is US Weekly, Lisa shared, “[This season of Housewives] was not a pleasant situation at all in any shape or form.” Now that is an understatement! “I want to thank the audience for supporting me because it’s one thing when you’ve got the whole cast against you, but at least when you’ve got the audiences’ support. You feel kind of bolstered by it, so I thank them for that, but I had a very, very, very tough time this year.”

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Lisa had such a difficult time that she had to reach out for help. “I manage to try to pull myself together with grief counseling and antidepressants. I’ve never taken anything in my life, you know, I’ve never been to therapy in my life, but I think slowly I’m in a lot better place than I was.” As for watching the show, Lisa confessed that she hasn’t seen this season. “I don’t want to relive that time in my life.”

Lisa also dismissed the allegations that she has leaked stories to the press during her years on RHOBH. “I rush from Vanderpump Rules to Housewives, I’m opening up a new restaurant, I was dealing with my own stuff, the dog rescue center, the 400 people that work for me, breaking ground on Vegas,” Lisa stated. “I was also editor in chief of Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine. I don’t actually have time, I’m sorry, to create that bulls—-t, you know?” LVP does have a good point.

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“If I’ve been in trouble for anything in 350 episodes of reality television, I wouldn’t dream of saying, ‘Someone told me to say it or made me say it.’ Really? Who? When?” Lisa explained. “I wouldn’t even demean myself by saying that, but that’s an excuse and I think the audience sees through stuff.”

I think the RHOBH audience is tiring of the doggie drama. Fans are looking forward to what happens with LVP at the reunion, and if she returns for another season.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]