90 Day Fiance: Ashley Martson & Jay Smith Discuss Cheating Allegations

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 4 premiered on April 28th and Ashley Martson was clearly upset with then-husband Jay Smith.  But what fans need to remember is that she’s still angry about the Tinder account.  The mere months that passed between filming the series and today are filled with divorce-worthy moments, according to Ashley.

Just like Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima, viewers know that Ashley and Jay are headed for separation.  But they tune in anyway to see how it all went down.  And according to Ashley, the footage will not disappoint.

The split was, “very dramatic, very messed up,” according to an article from In TouchAshley is not currently going into details but promises that, “I am sure America is going to be shocked.”

Ashley is less restrained on social media.  On April 28th, she accused Jay of having an affair.  Ashley shared, then deleted, a set of photos that insinuate infidelity.  One photo was of the Jamaican native standing in a backyard, and the other of a mystery woman in the same spot.

Jay calls the accusation of an affair “a total lie.”  Jay claims that he and the other woman started talking on April 10th.  That would make it after he and Ashley split up.  However, another source told In Touch that Jay had been dating for “months.”

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Ashley went after the other woman and called her “homewrecker.”  She issued a warning, “when you want to text my phone about stealing my husband but don’t want to expose yourself, make sure I don’t have cop friends that can find out who you are.”

By May 1st, Ashley seems to have processed all that happened.  Her tone changed from combative to accepting of the situation.  “I’m done,” she wrote on her Instagram story, “it’s never OK to go around and destroy others.”

Ashley then addressed her children, “I’m not happy but I’m a mother.   I’m not gonna let the hurt and shame I’m feeling set a horrible example for my family.”

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“I have already done enough to look like an idiot.  I’m not gonna post your disgusting nudes and homemade porns and get myself in trouble over two heartless people,” she continued, “I’m done.  I’m just gonna walk away with the absolute zero amount of dignity I have left.”

Sadly, Ashley blames herself.  She wrote, “I loved him with all of my being, and it was never enough.  I was stupid marrying someone so young and immature.  This is my fault.  I truly hope neither of you ever have to feel the amount of pain I felt by your actions.  Both parties knowingly did this, and I hope they can be happy together forever.  Everyone deserves happiness.”

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In a following post, she shared a more positive outlook, “have a good night everyone.  Sorry for the drama.  When you’re hurt, sometimes you act off of emotions.  Looking forward to spending my birthday tomorrow with my daughter chaperoning her school field trip.”


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