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Porsha’s Having A Baby Finale Recap: Welcome To The World Pilar!

Last night was the finale of Porsha’s Having A Baby, and after months of Instagram teases we finally saw the face of baby Pilar Jhena. However, the real story was Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley‘s own mama drama!

With just 5 days left to go before Pilar arrives by scheduled C-Section. Porsha and Dennis don’t have a name picked out. They aren’t sure where they’re going to live. They aren’t sure if their mothers are a blessing or a curse. Mama Diane still coddles Porsha and wants her daughter to have every happiness with Dennis. Mama Gina still coddles Dennis and wants to make sure HE has every happiness! And Porsha can either get on board or go by way of stale hotdog bun! 

Porsha has her heart set on the name “Pilar” – which she only learned about from reading it off the tattoo on Dennis’s body. A tattoo which is also the name of Dennis’ ex-girlfriend. Somewhere in Atlanta the original Pilar is probably wanting a restraining order or sending a Cease & Desist letter – or better yet, demanding a royalty check!

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Porsha Williams & Dennis McKinley Porsha's having a baby

Since things are already testy over their living arrangement, Dennis brings Porsha a huge bouquet of flowers and several baby name books, along with scraps of paper. He decides they should choose PJ’s name by scanning the “P” section of each book, writing down names they like, then drawing from a jar.

Dennis likes Penelope; Porsha likes… Pilar, and thinks Penelope sounds like a pig. Fitting considering how much pork Porsha is eating during this pregnancy! Porsha compromises by deciding if they baby looks like Dennis she’ll use whatever she selects in the name lottery, but if PJ looks like her they’re sticking with Pilar. Of course Porsha draws the name Penelope. In her confessional Porsha laughs that Dennis is a man of his word, and he really would use that name, but she is… of sketchy and questionable moral character, so yeah, no one is being named Penelope up in here! With baby naming settled, it’s still time to figure out logistics.

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Porsha Williams Lunch

Later Porsha meets her mom for lunch and we learn that Dennis was once totally fine with the plan to live in her house for a couple years, then move. Dennis was also totally fine with the plan to not get married until after the baby arrived, but Porsha suspects that Mama Gina has gotten into his head and has him resenting her and doubting the plan. Or maybe one too many treks down to the basement to find clean underwear when there are 4 other unused bedrooms upstairs has Dennis questioning things…

Rickey Smiley

Diane decides the obvious way to fix this situation is to meet with Mama Gina one-on-one for a mothers-in-law summit. Porsha decides the best thing to do is get a second lunch, this time with Rickey Smiley who advises her that she needs to get Dennis out of the basement and stop acting like Dennis is at the Extended Stay Residents Inn. Porsha agrees that Rickey is right, and furthermore 3 days before PJ is set to arrive no one needs to be complicating things with issues over where Dennis rolls his socks and dealing with real estate contracts.

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Porsha proves that she is sincere in sharing her home with Dennis by hiring a professional organizing team to come in, get her closet in order and have Dennis promoted from the underground lair to the land of the living. Plus how is Dennis going to be helping with the baby while he’s trapped in his clothing coffin?

Dennis makes about 300 trips carrying things from the basement, but is overjoyed by the closet remodel which features all of their things organized and co-habitating. Suddenly he’s no longer talking about moving out of the Loop by tomorrow, but Mama Gina still is!

Mama Gina

While Mama Diane comes civilly into this dinner, wanting them to lead their very adult children to make positive choices and work together, Mama Gina is all prenup, prenup, prenup! She is still very much judging Porsha’s decision not to get married until after they have the baby and Gina does not feel Dennis should leave himself unprotected by squatting in Porsha’s abode. Mama Gina makes her displeasure known when she sets down her fork, crosses her arms, and fixes Diane with a stare as hard and scrunched as a walnut shell. Diane leaves dinner with a nicety about how they’ll see each other when PJ arrives but Gina responds with, “Maybe yes. Maybe no.”  Um… so is she skipping the hospital, or does Gina plan to ban Diane?

Diane calls Porsha in tears about the disastrous meeting. “What happened in there was not of God,” Diane wails as Porsha panics. Gina is a formidable ally and without Dennis to steer her right, everyone – and everything – is doomed. Gina could probably scare The Loop straight!

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Porsha and Dennis find themselves peacekeeping the supposed peacekeepers by hosting both moms at their house for a come to Jesus (and together) chat. Mama Gina hides behind Dennis and continues to glare at both Porsha and Diane, even accusing them of conspiring to avoid getting a prenup as if to play dirty to rob Dennis of his businesses or something! Um, I’m guessing Porsha has more money than he does! Porsha has her Housewives earnings, Dish Nation, several successful product lines, while Dennis has a hot dog business he co-owns with his mama, plus a hookah lounge? Maybe Dennis has much more going on that we’re not aware of, but Gina is behaving ridiculously.

Porsha's mother Diane

Diane agrees, so she takes them all to church with a wailing sermon about how the mothers cannot be responsible for splitting their children apart. It works. We know where Porsha gets her dramatic flair. Gina is forced to soften or look like a complete bitch, so she hugs Diane, and makes amends with Porsha. That night Porsha and Dennis agree that NO MOTHERS are moving into their house, and can instead be visiting grandmothers who are on speed dial for babysitting. Diane and Gina are never going to get along and when it finally does come time for the lawyers to draft the prenup and the moving signs to go up on the lawn, the wound is going to be ripped right open again. Mama Gina needs to keep herself focused on hot dogs, and let Dennis deal with his own personal life.

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With one day before PJ’s arrival, Dr. Sherry makes a house call to check on the stability of Dennis and Porsha’s love. And probably do a home inspection. She is pleased and surprised by all their positive progress, and that no mothers-in-laws have invaded the dwelling.

The next morning Porsha has her glam squad get her prepped for the C-Section while Dennis pops champagne to celebrate the imminent arrival of Baby PJ. In fact Dennis is so excited he literally brings an entire bar cart with him to the hospital, piling up bottles the way Porsha piled up luggage full of false eyelashes and designer hospital robes. I swear he had a cocktail shaker in his back pocket.

PJ arrives without incident and we already know they decided to call her Pilar. Back at home a few days later, Dennis and Porsha are in ectasty over their daughter, and a peaceful vibe has settled over The Loop. Things only improve when Porsha’s push present arrives proving that it’s not just storks making special deliveries but Rolex dealers! Dennis ordered matching watches for himself, Porsha, and… PILAR. YES, a child’s sized diamond Rolex! I do not even believe that was real, but some sort of prop. Pilar can’t hold her head up but she knows its her time to shine, I guess!

And now we have to get through this wedding. #MeetTheMcKinnleys

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