Porsha Williams, Andy Cohen & NeNe Leakes

Nene Leakes Reveals Travel Receipts To Explain Absence From Porsha Williams’ Baby Shower

Nene Leakes is clearly no longer interested in being friends with her fellow Real Housewives of Atlanta. She is making that point VERY clear during the reunion. Nene has severed ties with almost the entire cast. She doesn’t want to be bothered whatsoever. She also does not seem to want to support any of her costars events anymore either.

Things got awkward during the reunion when Andy Cohen asked if Nene sent Porsha Williams a baby gift. It was evident that Nene did not forget to send one but that she did not WANT to send one. It’s crazy to see how tattered and ruined Nene’s relationships with the other women are. The most confusing thing, however, was Nene’s location during the baby shower. Where was Nene


Thanks to Nene’s Instagram stories, Bravo’s The Daily Dish has ALL the tea about where she really was during the shower. So was Nene in Canada this entire time after all? Not exactly.

Nene’s statement that she was in Vancouver the entire time is not the entire truth according to her own timeline. She is VERY rich, so she can afford all of the travels.

The official receipts from the juiciest peach herself show that she was transported from her hotel to the airport the morning of Porsha’s shower. She started off in Canada, but she certainly did not stay there.

From the hotel, Nene hopped on a plane to Los Angeles to attend Floyd Mayweather’s birthday party. That decision makes total sense because who wouldn’t skip their “little sister’s” baby shower for a boxer’s birthday bash?

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Nene didn’t fly home right away either because her itinerary shows her co-hosting The Real the next morning. Kind of ironic that she would host The Real while being fake to Porsha about her whereabouts.

Nene simply chose not to celebrate with Porsha. PERIOD.

I don’t understand why she wouldn’t just be upfront with her about why she wasn’t attending. Creating an elaborate story only makes Nene look shadier.

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Season 11 Nene Leakes is not a good look for Nene Leakes. The glue seems to be coming apart for the Atlanta OG.

What a world we live in where Kandi Burruss is buying Porsha baby gifts, but Nene neglected it all. What did Porsha or anyone else truly do to deserve this attitude?

We appreciate Nene releasing her entire travel itinerary like it was a presidential candidate’s tax returns. However, what did it really accomplish? She still turned on her friend during a joyous time.

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Also, what was stopping Nene from sending a baby gift once she returned? We know that she was “unable” to attend in person, but what about a post-shower present?

What is it with Housewives this year that just because they are going through something, they have to take it out on everyone? LOOKING AT YOU LVP. We feel for her, but that isn’t an excuse for poor behavior.

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We would like to see Nene and Porsha recover and move on from this. Something this petty (what exactly is their issue?) shouldn’t destroy a friendship. Same for Nene and Cynthia Bailey.


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