Southern Charm Recap: Kat’s Out Of The Bag!

Southern Charm Recap:

Last night’s Southern Charm was swirling with the confirmation of the “did they or didn’t they” hook-up rumors surrounding Kathryn Dennis and Whitney Sudler-Smith. Shep Rose’s love life was once again thwarted by ill-thought Instagram posts, and we got to peek inside Craig Conover’s fledgling pillow company. It doesn’t get much better than that!

The episode begins with Kathryn unable to summon Austen Kroll on any of her smart devices. Across town, Cameran Eubanks is getting some much needed relaxation at the nail salon before being interrupted by Recent College Grad who comes in like a bull in a china shop. She’s got a cooler of kombucha and she can’t stop talking about her last name and her royal status in Charleston society. However, her politician father’s affair caused a serious blacklist for her family. She wasn’t even able to be a debutante! Cameran’s husband has known this girl’s family for decades (he gave her swimming lessons when she was four), and Cam likens her to a little sister. She gives RCG some sisterly advice–she needs tone it down and mind her manners. Cameran reminds RCG that her behavior at Patricia Altschul’s dinner party was over-the-top and obnoxious.

Kathryn finally gets in touch with Austen who is helping her move into her new South of Broad apartment. She’s paying close to seven grand a month to plant roots for Kensie and Saint. Austen is floored by her new digs, and they dish on Pat’s soiree. Kathryn is thrilled to finally be accepted by Patricia, and she plays coy when he asks about her newfound friendship with Whitney. She changes the subject to Austen’s gal Madison Lecroy. She’s heard rumors that things are tumultuous for the couple, but she advises Austen to ignore the haters if he’s happy.

Craig’s pillow business is the ray of sunshine I didn’t know I needed. He has even employed a personal assistant Operations Manager whose main job is to nag him off the sofa. Following that lead, Naomie Olindo has also started her own online women’s apparel business with Gizmo as the mascot. As Naomie sifts through orders, Craig’s OM questions why he ordered a twenty pound box of beef jerky. Craig has no recollection of it, but it’s a fun surprise. Craig’s business is really going to take off once he figures out a way to make pillows fast enough so he can fill online orders. This girl is earning every penny.

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Southern Charm Recap:

Shep is lunching with Danni Baird at Home Team, and what I wouldn’t give for a game changer right now! They laugh about Austen’s busted threesome, and Shep explains that even nice guys have threesomes. Gross. The conversation turns to Danni’s new beau and Katie in Chicago who is tagged as “Shep’s Girlfriend of the Week” courtesy of Bravo. Shep loves his freedom and he’s weary of being burned. On James Island, Chelsea Meissner is reveling in her gorgeous home that she’s spent the last year renovating. Her new boyfriend Nick is a professional sailor, but he’s in Rhode Island working for the America’s Cup. He dips and drives a truck, so he’s perfect in Chelsea’s eyes.

The following day, Cameran is lunching with Naomie and Danni at Vendue Rooftop. Danni’s new guy is responsible for putting Kathryn in her pricey pad, and they all agree that it’s a ridiculous amount of money to be wasting on rent.

You think? Cameran asks if her friends have seen Ashley Jacobs’ Instagram post about her recent nursing award. Naomie quickly searches for the video since Danni has been Insta-blocked by said nursing award recipient. Danni and Naomie’s eyes couldn’t roll farther back into their heads, but Cameran asserts that the girl can’t be all bad if she’s getting awards for being altruistic. When she mentions she may text Ashley a congratulatory message, Danni almost has a coronary. Cameran can’t contain her laughter–she can’t believe her friends thought she was serious.

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Southern Charm Recap:

Chelsea is hosting a housewarming party, and I love seeing Guess jeans are making a comeback. As the beer is delivered, Chelsea stresses about her guests messing up her home. Her dad pops by to pick up her dog before Cameran arrives to admire all of Chelsea’s hard work. After a quick tour, Cam demands a shot…just a baby one though because becoming a mom has made her a lightweight. The Charmers converge on the party, ready for beer and barbecue. Based on her outfit, Kathryn has a job interview as secretary in 1987 immediately following the shindig. Austen broods over Chelsea’s choice of beer, and we learn that he had to put his beer business on the back burner (say that three times fast). Why am I not shocked?

Shep shows up sans his plus-one, and he admits he got dumped by this week’s girlfriend. Chelsea hands him a pity plate of brisket before ushering him outside. There is no way she’s letting that man child eat in her house. She gathers the crew around a stump for a game that involves hammers and booze. Surely someone is going to end up in the ER. Shep has found his way back into the kitchen, and is regaling Craig and Austen with stories of his latest rebound hook-up. They went late-night bike riding on Sullivan’s Island, and Shep inadvertently lost the chick. Heading home after a half-assed search, he spots her knocking on a neighbor’s door. It turns out she’d cycled into a ditch, and Shep just continued on his merry way without even noticing. Why is he single?

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Southern Charm Recap:

After surviving the stump game, Chelsea rallies her guests for a rousing game of dizzy bat. For someone trying to maintain a pristine home, she is certainly promoting potential for puke. When Danni questions the whereabouts of Shep’s lady (the Chicago one, not drunk peleton one), he reveals that she dumped him after a series of Instagram posts showed him entertaining female guests late into the evening. I’m betting this isn’t the first time Shep has been burned by social media…and it won’t be his last. Inside, Kathryn gathers her girls to giggle about a big secret she has but promised not to reveal. What fun is that?

Of course, Kathryn doesn’t have an issue with Cameran spilling the beans about her summer hook-up with Whitney. Even though Whitney asked her to be discreet, it’s a bit of payback for when he outed their first dalliance to Thomas Ravenel five years ago. Danni is flabbergasted by this news, but everyone is even more bowled over to learn that having sex with Whitney wasn’t too terrible. Cameran wonders what Madame Altschul will think of this news. She also fills in Kathryn that someone must be talking about it because Austen and Chelsea are in the know. Kathryn cringes, admitting she may have let the cat out of the bag with them too. Oops!

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Southern Charm Recap:

The next day, Craig and Austen are bro brunching with Whitney at Rutledge Cab. Austen is once again forced to relive his beer on the back burner tale. Whitney asks what he missed at Chelsea’s party, and Craig and Austen can’t help dissolving into giggles. Whitney looks like a deer in headlights and quickly shifts the conversation to Austen’s volatile relationship with Madison. It appears they aren’t going to be trusting each other any time soon.  Meanwhile, Shep heads to Cameran’s house to partake in some crabbing and gossip on her deep water dock.

After almost losing a finger going rogue with the crab trap, Shep delves into Kathryn’s latest bomb drop. The pair jokes that if Kathryn has a baby with Whitney, Patricia will get her much-requested grandchild. Shep wants to know how the pillow talk went when Whitney swore Kathryn to secrecy. I’ll pass on that nugget. Shep also still has an issue with Madison. Her revenge cheating was way worse Austen’s original offense of an innocent threesome. That’s some real logic!


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