Real Housewives Of New York Star Ramona Singer Claps Back At Luann de Lesseps For Calling Her A Mean Girl

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Ramona Singer has had an interesting season on Real Housewives of New York. She has not really had much of a storyline, but Ramona has been making her presence known on each episode by being, well, Ramona. Following her split from Mario Singer, Ramona seemed a little nicer, a little more humble. Dare I say, even a little bit likable?

This season, however, Ramona has been back to her old self-centered, thoughtless ways. Sonja Morgan thinks Ramona is very much into herself. Ramona has been called out for rude comments she made about Dennis Shields after his death. She also chose not to invite her co-stars to her birthday party–but made sure they knew all about her fabulous celebration! And she has treated newbie Barbara Kavovit like an evil stepsister. Now, Ramona has put her foot in her mouth regarding one of her co-stars–Season 11 lightning rod Luann de Lesseps.

During an appearance on the Real Housewives of New York After Show, Luann called Ramona a “mean girl.” And of course, Ramona did not take kindly to that dig. In an interview with toofab, Ramona took the opportunity to bash Luann in the process.  Ramona said, “Luann isn’t the most intelligent woman on this planet, so she doesn’t have a good way to describe things or good adjectives.” Yes, not having “good adjectives” can really be a problem!

She goes on to clarify that she thinks Luann is basically…clueless. Ramona claims, “She’s not really in touch with anything if you just see how she talks and what she says. Everything she says does not make sense.” I might not always agree with Luann, but I can usually follow her train of thought–even when she is falling into bushes.

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What is Luann so misguided in speaking about? Ramona goes on to declare, “She doesn’t know what she’s talking about, because people who know me, that’s the last thing I am [a mean girl]. I am the most giving, warm, so-there-for-you person that you’ll ever meet.” So, of course, Luann must be an idiot–because everyone knows what a lovely person Ramona is. And modest, too!

Whenever I think of kindness, I think of Ramona. The type of person who would never talk about you behind your back. Or judge people based on their status or wealth. Our Ramona would never demand special treatment! Or treat staff on her vacations like her personal servants. And she certainly wouldn’t leave her own excrement for others to clean up when she has been bedeviled by a nasty bout of Columbian diarrhea.

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Ramona also believes that she was doing Luann a favor when she told her that her castmates were not happy with her. She states, “I tried to explain to her why everyone’s upset with her. Of course, I couldn’t get through to her.” That is surprising, as Ramona is sure everyone loves her–and knows she is a nice girl, with only the best of intentions.

So, is Ramona just horribly misunderstood? She goes on to share, “I always try to be the peacemaker. I mean, where I get myself in trouble is I have an unfiltered mouth, and some things should not be said. Whether they’re true or not, you should keep your god**mn mouth shut. And I’m trying, but it doesn’t quite happen all the time.” I can’t say I have noticed Ramona keeping her god**mn mouth shut more often, but kudos to her for even having the thought!

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Acknowledging there is a problem is the first step, Ramona. I am not sure that there is a rehab for people who are unable to keep their god**mn mouth shut, but taking it one day at a time–and one thoughtless comment at a time–might result in fewer Singer Stingers. And a little less animosity from your co-stars.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]