Watch What Happens Live host, Andy Cohen welcomed his son into the world via surrogacy back in February. Since then, Andy has been posting non-stop photos of his adorable baby boy, Benjamin, on social media. I remember right before the birth, WWHL moved to LA for the month so he could be close to his surrogate. Many wondered why he didn’t just have his surrogate in New York. Well, now we know why. Andy had to use a surrogate in California as surrogacy is not legal in New York. Now we understand why he’s so passionate about this issue!

For a few months now, Andy has been outspoken about his desire for surrogacy to be legal in New York. Recently, Andy was outside of the Sirius XM Radio building in New York and was asked some questions about this bill.

TMZ caught up with Andy recently to discuss this surrogacy bill & his potential of going into politics. The bill at hand would make surrogacy legal in New York. Gloria Steinem, a political activist & feminist, has come out against this bill. When asked what he thinks about her stance, Andy made it clear that he wants her to re-think her opinion.

He said, “I think she needs to read the current version of the bill because it will end up protecting surrogates more than in any other state”. He goes on to say, “I think its draconian that the state of New York, which is the one of the most progressive states in the country, that surrogacy is not legal”.

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Andy wants this bill passed so these people can experience the greatest gift in life: a child. Even though Andy was able to find a surrogate in California, he knows most people could not afford that option. He said, “Thankfully I had the means to do that but a lot of people can’t afford that”.

Andy not only supports this bill because of his own experience with a surrogate but because it’s a women’s rights issue. “I believe that women should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies,” Andy told the TMZ reporter. Not only would the bill help those with fertility issues but also protect the women who become surrogates.

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When the reporter asked Andy if he’s open to being a politician in the future, he smiled and said, “Listen, anything’s possible right?”. Andy ends the interview enthusiastically shouting “ANDY FOR GOVERNOR”. He’s got my vote!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]