Lisa Vanderpump Says She Spoke To Andy Cohen The Morning After His Son’s Birth

All of the build up around the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has revolved around Lisa Vanderpump. Nobody can deny that. There’s been no shortage of rumors and allegations about LVP in the press. Luckily viewers will get to see it all unfold when the new season premieres. She appears to be on the outs with nearly all of her fellow Housewives. Geppetto LVP is in for another season of isolation and accusations. She said she’s never sold a story in her life, so she must be telling the truth.Right?

We still don’t know what exactly went down during the production of Season 9. We just know everyone is against LVP. SO MUCH DRAMA. Will the greatest chess player of all time ever bounce back from this? We’re not sure! Her relationships with Kyle Richards and the others aren’t the only relationships she should worry about though. Andy Cohen’s opinion is the most important one when it comes to job security. LVP knows this. Lisa may be on an island away from the other wives, but what exactly is her relationship with Andy like today?

Lisa Vanderpump rules Bravo, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. Sorry, Kyle. Lisa and Andy seem to be on as friendly of terms as ever.

Despite her glaring absence at Andy’s baby shower, LVP has already spoken to Andy following the birth of his son.Lisa told Us Weekly, “I spoke to him the first morning. He was just so exhausted. You can’t really give any advice to someone at this moment. You just have to enjoy it. Enjoy the moment. They’re tiny!”

Lisa knows all about parenting. She runs an adult day care every Monday night on Vanderpump Rules. Now THAT is exhausting.

Lisa was also one of the first to get a glimpse of the new baby! In the same interview, she said, “I got a picture the moment he was born. They’re tiny little creatures and before you know it, they grow up and in college. Just enjoy every minute of it. I know he is ready for it because he wants it so much. A lot of people have children and they aren’t ready. I think he wants it so much and it is going to be ready.” Wonder if Kyle, Dorit Kemsley, Teddi Mellencamp, or Lisa Rinna got a picture right away?

LVP reportedly refused to attend many cast events or group scenes for the show, but she and Andy seem fine. So many seasons being accused of manipulating behind the scenes, and LVP is still here. She’s not center diamond anymore, but she’s still here.

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We wonder what LVP’s co-stars think about Andy and Lisa’s bulletproof relationship. Lisa completely skipped the baby shower thrown by Kyle, and there is zero backlash from Andy. It was insinuated in an interview with Kyle that money have been a motivating factor in Lisa skipping it. Plus, the baby shower isn’t even the only big event surrounding Andy that Lisa was absent for.

Back in December, Lisa was also noticeably missing from the Watch What Happens Live OG special. Andy wasn’t giving out diamonds and rosé, but he DID announce he was going to be a father. For someone completely in the loop about the baby’s birth, she was M.I.A before that.

Where is Teddi to hold LVP accountable for bailing on all of this milestone events? Lisa is a powerhouse presence on Bravo and likely a top moneymaker for the network. Both shows she is on are majorly successful, and they both have one thing in common. Her.

Obviously, Andy considers her a dear friend, but we can’t help but wonder what the other ladies think. With all the controversy, does LVP “own it” her actions, or is she still acting like a sniper from the side?

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Regardless Andy’s baby is absolutely adorable, and we wish him all the best as a new dad!


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]