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The Hills: New Beginnings Star Spencer Pratt Blames Brody Jenner’s Wife Kaitlynn Carter For Brody’s Rift With Kim Kardashian

Are you watching The Hills: New Beginnings? I can’t seem to help myself. Seeing completely changed familiar faces is oddly comforting in a way. Back in the old days, Brody Jenner and Spencer Pratt were buds. They did the LA club scene and while Spencer began his slow descent into madness, the CDC developed its own file on Brody. Spencer eventually settled down with Heidi Montag and Brody began dating his first ex-wife Kaitlynn Carter.

It is safe to say that Spencer does not enjoy the company of many people. That includes Mrs. Brody Jenner. Spencer feels Kaitlynn takes advantage of Brody and uses his famous name to her benefit. He also thinks Kaitlynn is the main reason Brody had a falling-out with his step-sister, Kim Kardashian. Now that The Hills is back, you can guarantee Spencer will be giving his opinion on literally everything. Including his thoughts on Brody’s wife.

In 2014, Kimmy was planning a wedding. Her journey to the altar was heavily featured on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kanye West and Kim had decided on a destination venue for their nuptials. Because of the strict guest list, many people did not receive a plus one on their invites. While most had no complaints about this issue, Brody’s then-new girlfriend felt slighted.

Us Weekly  Spencer’s thoughts. on the Jenners. He said, “When Brody first started dating Kaitlynn, I was friends with him, and he was telling me that he was just starting filming for the Kardashians. I was telling him he needed to get all over that show. This was it: He was back in the game.”

Spencer recalled, “Kim tagged him in a couple of posts and he jumped from 100,000 followers to about three million real quick. And then he’s like, ‘Can you believe this? Kim and Kanye invited me to their wedding, but they didn’t give me a plus-one. And I want to bring Kaitlynn!’”

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For her part, Kim addressed this on an episode of KUWTK. At the time she said, “I don’t know why Brody is still talking about this. We were very strict about our wedding. There were less than 200 people there. Kim also pointed out that sister Khloe Kardashian did not receive a plus-one either. “Everyone else respected that – it’s not a big deal. We love our stepbrothers. It just seems like they are always talking about this divide.”

Spencer continued, “He’d only been dating Kaitlynn for a year. Brody dates lots of girls for a year.” After that dig, Spence said Kaitlynn had a major meltdown and Brody dodged the wedding altogether.

Spencer recalled, “Kaitlynn made such a big deal about it that Brody didn’t go to the wedding and publicly made statements about how they didn’t give him a plus one. Kaitlynn for sure thought if they played hard to get, Kim would give in. But no one’s entitled to a plus-one!” Why does Spencer even care? Oh, because this is what he does.

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Spence also thinks Kaitlynn is riding on Brody’s coattails. Like Spencer wouldn’t know anything about that… “I’m not going to say she’s [Kaitlynn’s] a clout chaser, but she had 95 followers before she started dating Brody. Then she became an ‘influencer.’ And she made it a point to never invite me, an actual influencer, to her parties.” Hang on a sec. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, you read that correctly. Spencer just revealed he identifies as an “actual influncer”! He really is a goldmine of crazy. That said, how bad can Kaitlynn be if Spencer has to reach back into 2014 to put her attitude on blast?

Spencer’s robot Heidi weighed in on Kaitlynn as well, “She just thinks she’s better than me and everybody else. She thinks she’s like this influencer in Brody’s life — which means nothing,” she said. “She has her own agenda. I’m not the only one who thinks that. Audrina [Patridge] thinks that.”

So now we know Spence has low key shafted Mischa Barton. Now he is going after Kaitlynn. Who will be next on Spencer’s list of people to shade? No one is safe, with the exception of Heidi. I can’t see him having the cojones to go after my boyfriend Justin Bobby Brescia or Brandon Lee. Since Spencer has a history of preying on the weakest link, perhaps he should stay away from a mirror.

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