Ashley Martson Reacts To Jay Smith’s Pending Deportation; Regrets Televised Fight

For all the times the word deportation has been said on the 90 Day Fiance shows, it has never actually happened to any of the cast members.  On 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After, Ashley Martson used it often as a power play against philandering husband Jay Smith.  After discovering Jay’s activities on Tinder shortly after their marriage, Ashley decided not to file for his adjustment of status.  He has been living in the country without documentation.

On the June 30th episode, viewers watched Ashley confront Jay about his cheating.  The argument escalated and Ashley called law enforcement.  She expressed hope that the cops would contact ICE and have Jay deported.  Luckily for Jay, the agency doesn’t operate in the overnight hours and he was able to walk away free that night.  Ashley then said she would try to contact ICE again in the morning.

Jay is currently in the custody of ICE and at risk of deportation.  Ashley is sharing her feelings about the situation.  Newsweek reported that while she did threaten Jay with deportation in a moment of hurt, Ashley is expressing sorrow for the argument.  She said, “yes, it gets heated.  Yes, I regret what happens but when you’re the in heat of the moment and feel your whole world crumbling down around you, sometimes you make poor decisions. I’m human.”

Reality TV blogger John Yates shared a screenshot from her Instagram storyAshley publicly reacted to the news about Jay saying, “mark my words this is the hardest day of my life.  I can’t believe this is how it ended.  The amount of sadness I’m feeling is unfathomable.  There is no celebrating over here, just pure heartbreak!”

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Fans were skeptical about Ashley’s sentiment.  After all, she was actively pursuing Jay’s deportation on the show.  One follower wrote, “why is she sad.  I thought she wanted him deported?  Or did I miss something?”  Another said, “it’s clearly a power play.  He will be deported.  She will play the pity party card while she looks for another guy.”

Ashley was quick to move on to other matters.  In light of her ex-husband’s situation, Ashley decided to call off an event she was to attend in his native country of Jamaica.  She posted to her Instagram story that, “due to the current situation, I have to cancel my appearance in Jamaica next week.  I genuinely apologize to everyone that was expecting to meet me.”

Ashley Martson Reacts To Jay Smith’s Pending Deportation; Expresses Regret For Televised Fight

Meanwhile, Jay’s social media has gone quiet.  All of his posts have been deleted.  Let’s hope he gets home safely.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]