90 Day Fiance Star Ashley Martson Attempts Damage Control; Admits Marrying Jay Smith Was A Mistake

For those still following the drama of Jay Smith and Ashley Martson on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, we’ve just stomached another episode of this toxic couple.  After signing divorce papers and moving out, Jay returned to Mechanicsburg, PA to help care for Ashley as she battled kidney failure earlier this year.  Shortly thereafter, Ashley withdrew her divorce petition.

Ashley went on her social media the day before the episode aired to give her side of the story.  Followers were quick to question her judgement concerning Jay.  Of course, it’s easier in hindsight to do so since Ashley filed for divorce again in April.  On the episode though, it just seemed like Ashley needed some support in a time of struggle.

Us Weekly reported that Ashley did a question and answer session on Instagram Live on July 13th.   One fan asked why Ashley would take, “a chance on a 20yr old boy??”  She admitted, “because I’m a dummy.”  But Ashley revealed that she didn’t know how old Jay actually was when they met.  Jay was 19, “however I was told he was 26 for the first 6 months,” Ashley said.

It seems the relationship may truly be over now.  Though Ashley withdrew her first divorce petition from January, she has not done so with her divorce petition from April. Also, Jay is currently in ICE custody facing deportation.

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Her spokesperson Johnny Donovan gave a statement to Us Weekly.  He said, “Ashley feels as though Jay made his own bed.  Ashley has been suffering for a long time- it’s payback.  Jay thought she was joking, but no.  He made his bed, and now he has to lie in it.”

When asked about Jay’s current situation, Ashley wrote, “this is all I will say.  I have not posted or mentioned one thing about him since the arrest and I will continue to remain silent.  You saw maybe 3 hours of our life.  No one has a Clue what is actually going on.  There are no good details to share so instead of dragging someone through the mud who can’t defend themselves, I’m staying silent.  I’m moving on with my life and I wish everyone would allow me to do that.”

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Ashley admits that being on TV was a mistake.  When asked if she regrets being on the show, Ashley wrote, “every.  Single.  Day.”

That’s a strange answer for someone courting the limelight whenever she can.  Next week’s episode is the reunion, so it will be interesting to see how Jay and Ashley were post-filming.


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