90 Day Fiance Alums Paul And Karine Staehle Welcome Second Child; Paul Live Streams The Moment

Deep down, we knew this day would come. Despite Paul Staehle’s pregnancy announcement on Karine Staehle’s behalf back in May, many of us were hoping, praying, and wishing that it wouldn’t be real. We hoped that Karine would have a better chance of being rid of this garbage person forever. It’s what she deserves! #FREEKARINE And while I have some of your attention, let’s remember Karine was a young 21 year old woman when these two met. She spoke limited English and was living in extreme poverty. She was even younger when they first started chatting. Paul was 34. Yea they’re both consenting adults, but be serious. They’re not equal partners in this fucked up relationship.

Paul has spent countless hours dragging his wife, and young mother of his children, all over social media. He’s also slowly whittled away her use of her platform. The things he’s accused her of seemingly know no bounds. It’s almost like he enjoys the drama more than his life partner or something. The couple, who originally gained popularity during their 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days appearance, have since fallen to bits. Divorce was on the horizon for them. That is, until Karine became pregnant for a second time.

Us Weekly has confirmed that Paul and Karine have officially welcomed their second son, Ethan. He was born Friday, February 5th. The little dumpling was born in Brazil. This counters Paul’s hyperbolic claims that he may be delivered in an apartment back in the US due to the pandemic. Paul also posted a VERY fresh photo of the newborn to Instagram with a caption that reads, “Born healthy and very fast.” Cool. He gives about 5 words for the birth of his child, but spends hours on Lives or fan-purchased Cameos embarrassing his wife. I see you, Paul.

Some may be shocked to learn that Paul was around for the delivery of the baby. I mean. It’s not really *that* shocking since he’s a certified Stage-5 Clinger. But let’s not forget the theatrics of this weirdo claiming that he would never see his wife or children again. That was only a few months ago. Not that anyone takes him seriously. He’s also promised us a break from social media.


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Speaking of Paul’s addiction to over-sharing his horrible nature across the internet, The Ashley is reporting that this freak show posted an Instagram live in the moments following the delivery. Take as much time to process that as you need.

In the video it’s clear that Paul has no regard for his wife. Karine is clearly exhausted after just pushing out a fucking human. Ever-sociopathic Paul persists in asking her an endless string of questions. Meanwhile, she tells him she’s tired. I mean, this guy is an actual monster. Thank god he’s off our screens.


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