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Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Can I Get A Witness?

What a breakout season for The Real Housewives of Potomac. These women have stepped up their game in a BIG way. Last week’s episode was the biggest of the season thus far. The Michael Darby allegations finally made their way to the show. The revelation came with a lot of drama attached to it among the group. Ashley Darby tried to explain herself, but Candiace Dillard wasn’t having it. 

Speaking on Candiace, her friendship with Monique Samuels is on life support. They almost had a physical confrontation. Hide the umbrellas! Gizelle Bryant owned up to stirring the pot at dinner, but somehow Robyn Dixon is Ashley’s target. Also, Karen Huger gave us THE LINE of the century. Poor Katie Rost didn’t have a good time at her own event. Hopefully tonight is a little more positive!

Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Can I Get A Witness?

We start four hours after the hoedown disaster, and Candiace is doing a therapy exercise with her mom. WHAT A DAY FOR CANDIACE.

She almost got dragged by Monique, and now has to deal with her “shade monster” mother. Naturally, it’s not going well. Candiace seems like she is open to fixing things, but her mom is jabbing constantly.

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Her mother is coming across as a therapist more than a mother. I’m not sure if these two will ever fix their broken relationship. Such a shame. 

Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Can I Get A Witness?

WHAT IS ASHLEY’S NEW CONFESSIONAL LOOK? That is a whole entire mess.

Ashley continues to claim that her and Michael are growing closer during his scandal. It smells more like damage control to me.

Gizelle meets with Ashley to check in on her and asks about Michael. Michael wasn’t allowed to film during all of this, so it’s weird Gizelle asks where he is. Gizelle says she doesn’t know what to tell people who ask about the allegations.

Ashley denies that Michael ever assaulted the cameraman, but Gizelle thinks otherwise. She says there is no smoke without fire. We all know there is a lot of smoke when it comes to Michael. Let’s be clear about THAT. 

Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Can I Get A Witness?

Monique goes for a 3D sonogram, and those freak me out a bit. Chris Samuels expresses concern about Monique’s hoedown behavior.

They are fresh off a miscarriage, and she’s squaring up while majorly pregnant. Not a good look.

Candiace and Karen show up for the 3D reveal event. I’m a little taken aback that Candiace showed for this. I’ve NEVER heard of this kind of party, but live your best life Monique.

These 3D renderings kind of freak me out. It’s just too real for me. Karen’s confused about why this event is happening too. I feel you Grand Dame.

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It’s revealed that Candiace and Monique texted after the hoedown and made up. That’s great to hear.

Karen says what everyone is thinking when it comes to Candiace and her mother. She is majorly projecting her mother issues onto the group. That needs to be fixed ASAP.

Candiace cries while acknowledging Monique as a real friend. I do not want to see their friendship end over this. Ashley and her messy lifestyle are not worth it ladies.Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Can I Get A Witness?

Gizelle takes her kids apple picking, and they’re all rotten. They’re very clearly not nature inclined. SAME THOUGH.

She didn’t realize how hard it would be in real life. I’ll add that to my list of things I’ll never try in my life.

Gizelle realizes that she’s only been to one of her daughter’s soccer games. She wants to make a change to spend more time with her children. Building an empire is great, but family should come first.

Her daughter Angel feels like the forgotten child, and it’s heartbreaking to watch. Feeling like the black sheep of your family is the WORST feeling in the world. 

Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Can I Get A Witness?

Robyn’s getting her hair done which is much needed. Her hair has looked a disaster all season. Why is every Robyn solo scene so boring?

She tells her stylist about the issues with the house project. How is she STILL doing this? Clearly, this isn’t something she is good at.

Juan Dixon still wants to have another baby. He’s hoping for a girl, but Robyn wants to get remarried first. If anyone has an arrangement in this group, it’s them. 

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Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Can I Get A Witness?

Therapy time for Ashley! She’s going through so much right now so a neutral third party is needed.

She says she put on a smiling face to the women to avoid breaking down. She doesn’t want Michael to see her get emotional over this scandal. Ashley says she doesn’t want Michael to feel guilty about this.

Apparently Ashley sees Michael as two different people. One person is her husband, but she also views him in a paternal way. Slightly creepy. Mega cringe indeed. This therapy session explains SO MUCH about Ashley and Michael’s marriage.

The daddy issues are very real here. She realizes the hurt from her childhood has spilled over into her marriage. Obviously that needs to change, but this is the most vulnerable we’ve ever seen Ashley. We need more of the real her to shine through. 

Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Can I Get A Witness?

Gizelle takes Angel on a solo outing after hearing out forgotten she feels. Angel doesn’t think Gizelle gives as much attention to her as she does her sisters. This girl is really hurting here. Heartbreaking.

Gizelle promises to check in more and give more time and love to Angel. She agrees to set aside time in the new house to do “Mommy/Angel” projects. Sweet. 

Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Can I Get A Witness?

Ashley goes to her mom’s house to talk about her fertility struggles. Her mom says to have lots of sex. Can’t really argue with that! Also, tap water is apparently bad for someone trying to get pregnant. Interesting to know.

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Ashley wants to know more about her father, and her mom answers some basic questions. She reveals that she tried to reach out on social media, and her father blocked her. I reached out to my biological father I had never met as well, and he too blocked me.

I feel for Ashley in a HUGE way here. It’s painful to believe that you aren’t wanted by someone who is supposed to love and protect you.

She’s considering taking a trip to confront her father and get closure. All she wants is acknowledgement, and if she doesn’t get it she will close that chapter. 

Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Can I Get A Witness?

Candiace and Chris Bassett are having dinner with Karen and Ray Huger and Chris and Monique. There are a million ways that this can end in disaster. Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. Hide the knives!

Candiace and Chris are house hunting for a mansion in case they eventually have children. Reach big until you get there girl! 

Monique tells everyone that Ashley says the scandal is making her marriage stronger. After that, Candiace seems annoyed.

However, the real bombshell here is that her husband Chris might be called as a witness. The camera alleges that Chris saw the entire thing go down. Candiace believes that with so many people at the party, someone saw something.

Regardless, it looks bad for Michael when you factor in the alleged comments about one of the husbands.  


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