90 Day Fiance: Ashley Martson Says Jay Smith Won’t Sign Divorce Papers & Wants Half Of Everything

If you’re a 90 Day Fiance fan and you REALLY want to know what is actually going on with Ashley Martson and Jay Smith, it’s best to catch up on Ashley’s Instagram Story.  Skip the 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After reunion, unless you want to watch Colt Johnson‘s wandering eye and the triggering of other castmates.

At the reunion, Jay and Ashley were barely on speaking terms.  At that point, Ashley was filing for divorce yet again.  That news hit social media in real-time back in April.  Though Jay is currently in the custody of ICE and faces deportation, it does leave fans questioning where they are in their divorce process.

Us Weekly reported on a Q & A exchange that Ashley had with fans on July 20th.  One follower asked if she and Jay actually finalized their divorce. Ashley said, “nope! Someone won’t sign.”  She then explained why Jay refused to sign the divorce papers on round two.  According to Ashley, Jay “is requesting half of everything I own.  That’s why he won’t sign.”

Jay may not be in any position to negotiate terms on his immigration, but he certainly doesn’t want to let go of the marriage as a bargaining chip.  One fan suggested that Ashley get, “good lawyers.”

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She answered, “my attorney is a savage.  You should see the cease and desist letters that just went out.  I’m not worried about anyone taking anything.  I may have made a bad decision but I’m not stupid.  I guess being burned in the past helped me in this situation.”

Ashley may have made a bad decision marrying Jay, but she did take some precautions that will only help her case now.  Ashley explained, “a little advice from me is to save EVERYTHING!!  Receipts don’t lie.  I saved it all from Day 1 and thank god I did.  If your significant other goes through your phone, email the stuff to an email they don’t know about.  Be smart!!”

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