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Katie Rost Rants About Being Excluded From Real Housewives Of Potomac Reunion

Katie Rost returned to Real Housewives of Potomac this season.  The cast was happy to welcome her back, though there were comments about how she looked and demeanor changed since Season 1.  And while her previous storyline was chasing a ring, this time, Katie has kept her personal life offscreen.

Katie has tried to insert herself into the drama instead.  She seems to be falling short a bit on that.  If Katie really wants in on some of the confrontations this season, she would have either gone against Gizelle Bryant, or become her sidekick.  Of course, the real storyline involved Michael Darby and the allegations made against him, as well as Ashley Darby for standing by his side.  And while the entire cast had opinions about Michael, Katie’s speculations about the incident may have cost her a spot on the reunion couch.

It all started when Katie confirmed her exclusion from the reunion filming via her Instagram page.  One follower wrote, “do you think your castmates have something to do with you not being at the reunion?”  Monique Samuels replied to the contrary, “if we did, she would be there.  Very disappointed she won’t be included.”

But Katie feels something is amiss and is very vocal about it.  She wrote, “I’ll tell you what, this is a bunch of bull.  They are exploiting me, using my image and y’all don’t think Katie Rost has something to say about a season I was on???  Wow, just cause I called out a cheater molester?  That ain’t right.  I have been told I will not be asked to the reunion, I want to be there. Obviously, I have a place there. That’s not right! You are going to have Michael Darby, aka Chester the Molester there and not me!!!! WTF Bravo! Not cool.”

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Here’s where Katie potentially irked RHOP production.  She is, as Michael did, very publicly suggesting the footage was doctored.  For one, Monique recognized her brother’s voice at the end of the clip talking to Michael, not the cameraman that alleged the assault.  Katie posted a conversation Monique had with her brother concerning the clips and questioned Bravo and True Entertainment Productions.

She wrote, “ok, Monique said True Entertainment Production Company and Bravo Network straight up doctored the footage both audio and video of Michael sexually assaulting a cameraman they employed.  That’s a pretty serious claim.  So going forward.  All these people have zero credibility if they stay affiliated with a production who would cause this to occur and make it entertainment.”

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As for Michael, Katie is questioning why he would continue his appearances on the show if they had indeed set him up.  In another post, Katie wrote, “so why are you going to allow this to continue and let Truly Entertainment Production Company to film in your home with your newborn child?  That was a felony charge Michael.  You must have been paid off…this jumps the shark in my opinion.”

Skeptics of Katie and her crusade may be questioning her timing.  Is Katie functioning solely on principal or is she just upset about not participating in the reunion? Maybe she just really didn’t bring enough of the drama this season.

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