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Sonja Morgan Regrets Getting Liposuction

Sonja Morgan has never been shy in regard to…. well, anything. Or at least that’s what we’ve witnessed watching Real Housewives of New York. She may embellish often here and there when it comes to her partying stories, but when it comes to her appearance, she lets it all hang out.

RHONY viewers have witnessed Sonja get a vaginal rejuvination. She went in for coolsculpting with Dorinda Medley. We’ve seen her get facials. Sonja is all about bringing us behind the curtain when it comes to her personal maintence, but she actually does have one regret.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Sonja discussed cosmetic procedures. She declared, “In this day and age, the surgery and getting things fixed is part of my self-care.” The same could be said for many Real Housewives when it comes to Botox and fillers. However, she says she is over stressing about her weight.

That’s when Sonja confessed, “Where I felt in this day and age I went too far is to do liposuction. I don’t think it’s in anymore. You don’t really need to have that.”

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Then, Sonja said, “If your doctor says do it, do it. I just had the doughnut around my belly button taken off, but why bother? I mean really, why bother because people really embrace their curves now.” As they should.

Sonja recalled, “The other day, we filmed the reunion and I had on a tight dress from my collection. And you could see the whole outline of my belly button.” Gotta love Sonja. Even while promoting body positivity, she manages to plug her own clothing line. She truly is a Real Housewife through and through.

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Sonja continued, “And I did a little walk for Bethenny [Frankel], and I was like, ‘I don’t care, I love it.’ The curves. This is who I am. This is the way I am right now.” YES, SONJA. This is refreshing to see, especially among the many Housewives who obsess over their weight and even those who lie about getting surgical help to drop some pounds.

Overall, Sonja just seems to be happy with her body no matter where it’s at. She said, “I like when I lose a little weight and I like when I put on a little weight.” Good for you, Sonja.

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And, of course, it often comes back to sex dating with Sonja. She added, “I can’t make myself crazy about it because nobody else seems to be bothered by it, especially the heterosexual guys.”

She shared, “They just like the curves. My straight guys like the curves, they don’t mind. They don’t see what we may see, fashion people, we get a little too critical.” And I just love Sonja for referring to herself as one of the “fashion people.” She always manages to entertain with her delusions of grandeur.

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