Kelly Dodd & Tamra Judge Feud On Twitter; Kelly Says Tamra Is Eddie Judge’s Sugar Mama

On last night’s Real Housewives of Orange County premiere, Kelly Dodd and Tamra Judge were on good terms. Tamra supported Kelly while her plastic surgeon boyfriend Brian Reagan gave her injections. Tamra was even considerate enough to give Kelly a heads up about inviting Vicki Gunvalson to her non-housewarming party (after Vicki accused Kelly of doing cocaine on the reg and neglecting her daughter). Am I the only one who does not care that Tamra moved AGAIN? She said she won’t have the party if it rains and I’m just hoping for downpour during next week’s episode.

Well, Tamra being considerate and Kelly being civil was short-lived. Now, they’re beefing on social media. And, no, it’s surprisingly not Vicki-related. It’s all about the Benjamins.

It is admittedly difficult to piece this one together since Kelly loves deleting her posts. Thankfully, there are some screenshots floating around the internet.

On the episode, Tamra bragged about being so rich because she moved to Coto de Caza, whch has not one, but two gates. Good for you, Tamra. How long until you move again? Thankfully, this house was already decorated, so Tamra can cut her losses before the next move to a Cut Fitness-funded home.

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While living in Coto is Tamra’s definition of wealth, Kelly disagrees. According to a Real Housewives of Orange County Instagram account, Kelly tweeted, “Living in Coto you’re rich! lmfao! who says that?? Coto is in the sticks!”

Tamra responded, “I pay for my houses. I don’t date old men for money.” That’s when Kelly told her, “I sold my house for $5m dollars!! Lmao! I could pay for your house with cash!! Lmao.” Then, Tamra came through with a response that she did not proofread. Tamra wrote, “You’re so blessed. I hope you buy you 5 million dollar home soon.” Why? So she can move out right away and (somehow) make headlines for moving again? No thanks, Tamra.

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Per screenshots from the Bravo Housewives Instagram ccount, Tamra tweeted Kelly, “Let’s compare income? If it bothers you that much.” Kelly advised Tamra to indulge in her latest failed business. Kelly tweeted, “Take ur own cbd and relax. Michael [Dodd] was the president of many public companies & i was left with a windfall not a salary you rely on solely… who did you marry? A spin instructor? When [your] time runs out on the show #youarenext let’s see if your husband sticks around #sugamama.”

Come for Tamra all you want. There’s plenty of material, but why do these women come for sweet Eddie Judge? He just stays out of the fray and respects all of the cast members. Nevertheless, Kelly referred to him as “spin instructor” and the recipient of Tamra’s RHOC paycheck. Ouch. But, how much money are they really making from Cut Fitness and that CBD line?

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In another (not-yet-deleted) tweet, Tamra wrote “Do you own a house ? I own 2.” Clearly, she’s taking a dig at Kelly for renting a beach house, or at least that’s how Kelly interpretted it. Kelly posted, “She cutting me down that I’m renting my beach shack. But I’d rather live on the beach than have a McMansion in BFE.”

I’m gonna assume they will not be on the same couch at the reunion this year.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]