Gina Kirschenheiter Claims She Has Photographic Evidence Of Abuse By Estranged Husband

The saga continues for Gina Kirschenheiter and future ex-husband Matt. The Real Housewives of Orange County star is involved in a heated legal dispute with her estranged spouse. After failing with the whole Best Divorce Ever! concept, Gina has been bringing the drama and then some. After beginning 2019 with a slew of traffic violations, it looked like the couple might try and work things out. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case and Matt wound up going full psycho getting physical with Gina during a heated argument.

Things haven’t been so pretty in Gina’s picture after that disturbing incident. Now the former love birds have a whole new storyline battle on their hands. Details are emerging about the relationship Gina previously described as wonderful. The man she once called her “best friend” is now someone who ALLEGEDLY has a drug and alcohol problem. As the drama surrounding domestic violence continues, Gina also filed a restraining order against her husband. While Matt has still not been charged with a crime, he is suffering the consequences of his allegedly violent actions. Now Gina is getting ready to unleash some shocking evidence, as the Best Divorce Ever! turns into the total opposite.

Damn, Gina! After some dreadful allegations against Matt, Gina’s divorce has gone from amicable to completely horrendous. Gina filed for divorce in April 2018. RHOC chronicled a bit of that journey as the two made valid attempts to separate but remained close and co-parent their three kids. It looked like things were proceeding nicely with little drama until the beginning of 2019. Gina found herself on the wrong side of the law and the wrong side of the steering wheel, after being arrested for a DUI. She took responsibility for her mistakes and plead guilty to driving under the influence in court.

While recovering from her moving violation mishaps, it looked like romance might be on the horizon for Gina once again. After a flattering social media post, Gina’s followers began to wonder if she and Matt were back in action. Things seemed to settle down for the Housewife and she managed to avoid further involvement with law enforcement until Matt had a violent episode.

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When Gina returned home from a night out, she found Matt banging on her door at 2am. She claims he threatened to kill her, screamed in her face, and hit her multiple times. Matt was arrested and Gina now claims this isn’t the first time he has been (allegedly) abusive.

Radar Online has learned Gina has photos of Matt’s ALLEGED previous violent outbursts and she’s about to use them. According to court documents, Gina submitted an “Exhibit List” which included details of the evidence she plans to present. The papers incorporate a list of witnesses she plans to call supporting her version of events. Eleven people including family, friends, and the officer who arrested Matt will be asked to speak in the August 14 hearing.

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Documents state, “Anticipated testimony will accompany his response to the domestic violence incident at the family residence. Petitioner [Gina] reserves the right to examine this witness on any further issues.” Cue Shannon Beador thanking Jesus and Dr. Moon she no longer has a horrible marriage to highlight on television.

Matt, who hasn’t been charged, stated Gina is doing all of this for fame and a storyline. In Matt’s response he wrote, “Petitioner [Gina] has been acting erratically and in a way that I believe is unfortunately more based on a ‘storyline’ for her reality television show and not rooted in the best interest of our children.”

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Prior to this incident, Matt had never been arrested and despite claims to the contrary, said he has no issues with drugs or alcohol. He also admitted to drinking and using recreational marijuana (legal in CA) with his wife in the past.

What a horrible turn of events. It is not known when the ALLEGED previous abuse took place. Since viewers have known Gina, Matt hasn’t even lived with his family on a regular basis. Gina has always alluded to a wonderful marriage with her husband, even when the two first decided to separate. She has been on the receiving end of multiple eye rolls from co-stars when detailing the Best Divorce Ever!, now she’s on the receiving end of multiple phone calls from her attorney.

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