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Marrying Millions Recap: Bling In The Big Apple

Marry Millions is simply the best. The premise is straight to the point. One half of the couple is filthy rich, and the other half is POOR. The situation going on between Bill Hutchinson and Brianna Ramirez blows my mind. THAT AGE GAP IS NUTS. Four decades is so big. Also, how weird is it that he is basically forcing her to move across the country? It’s all so icky!

The best part of this show is watching Brian try to navigate Gentille ChChun’s world. He has no clue what he’s doing and always says the worst things. On last week’s episode he won her over again, but one day she will learn. It’s all so addicting and will definitely be your next reality TV obsession (if it isn’t already). The real question is which of these couples will actually walk down the aisle!

Bill & Brianna

Marrying Millions Recap: Bling In The Big Apple

Brianna is back home, and none of them know she is moving to Miami. She wants to tell her dad first, and I’m sure he’ll think it’s crazy.

Brianna seems like she’s so about family, so this move is against everything she stands for. Her father is naturally creeped out by the age difference. BILL IS OLDER THAN HIM. That’s so ew.

Her father is upset at the news she’s moving to Miami, and Brianna also cries. She feels she’s being selfish choosing Bill over her family. Her father says the most rational thing ever. He says, “you don’t need to be rich to be happy”. PREACH PAPA.

Brianna seems so hesitant about the idea of moving. If Bill wasn’t rich she probably wouldn’t go, but she does kind of seem to love him. I don’t know.

I’m torn when it comes to this relationship. Part of me sees Brianna and thinks she can’t possibly be in it for the money. However, another more logical part of me sees the signs when she agrees to something like the Miami move.

Brianna tells her mother about the news, and she takes it really well. She wants her daughter to follow her heart which is kind of sweet.

Bill arrives to her brother’s birthday party in the most expensive car ever. He says that her family parties are vastly different than her the ones he is accustomed too. Everyone is supportive except her brother. He doesn’t get what she sees in Bill. SAME.

Bill breaks the news of the move to everyone at the party, and her brother asks why. Bill assures him not to worry, but her brother is very protective.

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It’s such an interesting dichotomy between how his world acts compared to hers. Everyone shuns Brianna at his parties, but her family is so welcoming.

Brianna is scared at the idea of moving to Miami. She’s also sad at the idea that she won’t be able to attend every family function.

Everything feels weird to Brianna while packing for the move to Miami. She’s packing clothing for a winter climate, and Bill tells her to leave it behind. She says they’re all comfort clothes, and he feels bad.

She’s never been away from her family before, and her anxiety is through the roof. It’s only going to get worse. Her heartbreak is only going to grow increasingly painful.

Bill assures her that if the Miami move doesn’t work, they can come back. That should put Brianna’s mind at ease a little. They’re just a plane ride away from the home she loves.

Drew & Rosie

Marrying Millions Recap: Bling In The Big Apple

Drew Gemma surprises Rosie Marin with a first-class trip to New York City. How romantic. She’s happy to be in NYC for the first time but is still upset about the condoms she found. The man had a past before you. Deal with it and move on.

He tells her he brought her to NYC to show her that he’s all in this. She has no clue that he plans on proposing.

Everyone in her life is so against him, and marrying him will push them further away. Is this rich man worth losing her friends and family? That’s something Rosie needs to think long and hard about before saying yes. She has reservations about the relationship already, so maybe she should follow her gut.

Drew takes Rosie shopping in a high-end store to make it up to her about what she found. She is REALLY insecure. She’s so quirky and odd, and you can tell she’s really enjoying the lifestyle. There’s no way she’s saying no to this proposal when it happens.

Drew spends $10,000 on clothing for her, and she is letting go of the issue for now. She says she hasn’t forgot, but the expensive clothing can help it. Just wow.

Rosie is still nervous despite how great her trip is going. She can’t help thinking that he has another woman on the side somewhere. He tries to comfort her, but her fear of being replaced is so great.

It scares Drew how many doubts still plague Rosie’s mind. He thinks she could say no to the proposal because of what her friends and family think. I’m sure she will do anything to lock this relationship down, so don’t be nervous Drew.

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Drew arranges from a private concert for Rosie with flowers and gorgeous scenery. He says he wanted to make this the moment that changes their lives forever.

After a lovely speech, Drew finally proposes to Rosie! Love is in the air New York City. Unsurprisingly she says yes to his proposal, and we have our first-second engaged couple of the series!

Gentille & Brian

Marrying Millions Recap: Bling In The Big Apple

Brian’s stepdad seems so annoyed that Brian is still living with them. Come on dude, it’s time to leave the nest. I doubt Gentille will be the one to take Brian off the market though. I suspect she’ll come to her senses soon.

His stepdad spills all the tea about Brian’s past relationships. They end suddenly, and they’re all rich women. The pattern has been established, and now it’s time for Gentille to catch on.

It’s weird watching Brian pretend to not want Gentille to pay for everything. He is SO in this for the free ride. Stop playing. I really like Gentille, so that’s why I want her to dump Brian soon.

Gentille is sick of staying inside all the time, so she arranges a night out. Brian is so awkward and has no idea how to act in public. This is probably why he stays home all the time.

Brian has only paid one time ever in their relationship and suggests the split the check. He says she’s the type of woman who keeps a man’s penis in her purse. She says she’s not like that at all.

Gentille wants a man to take charge, and Brian probably isn’t capable of that. She doesn’t want a struggle with him over the money, so the issue is all his. He needs to get over the money difference if he wants a successful relationship.

Katie & Kolton

Marrying Millions Recap: Bling In The Big Apple

These two have the weirdest relationship on the show. Kolton Pierce was her daughter’s friend! Someone needs to declaw this cougar.

Katie Hamilton realizes if she is going to keep seeing Kolton, his family needs to be on board. Her family isn’t too keen about it either. Her daughter seems so sketched out every time she has to interact with them.

They want to have a discussion with Katie’s mom to get her adjusted to the idea. Katie and Kolton are both confident it will go with, so let’s hope they know what they’re doing.

Their age difference isn’t massive like some of the others, but the friendship with the daughter makes it weird. I couldn’t imagine one of my close friends suddenly becoming my step-parent. COULD YOU IMAGINE?

Katie had a highly religious upbringing. I’m assuming dating your daughter’s friend wasn’t part of the proper manners she learned. The death of her father really changed her life, and that’s why she lives life in the moment.

She wants her mom to accept Kolton so badly, but I don’t see it happening. Her mother says she is disturbed by the relationship. We all are.

Her mother asks if she sees herself marrying Kolton, and she says she does. Katie actually wants to marry a man who has no job or life path.

She invites her mom to coffee with Kolton later on with hopes that she will accept him. Katie is really concerned with how it will go because her mom is so against the relationship. Kolton continues to claim he’s not in it for the money. We’ll see.

Her mom asks Kolton where he sees their relationship going. He says he hopes for marriage in the future. Katie’s mom wonders if Kolton will ever been successful enough to equally provide. Katie retorts this by saying she took care of her ex husband too. and he was older than her!

The idea of choosing between Kolton and her family stresses her out. She gets emotional talking about and contemplates calling it quits. Without the support of her family, she might end it all.


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