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Marrying Millions Recap: Marriage Or Money?

This season of Marrying Millions is coming to an end, and WHAT A SEASON. The age gap between Bill Hutchinson and Brianna is so massive. It’s been an entire season, and that still has me shook. I thought she’d come to her senses in last week’s episode. However, nothing is more mind boggling than the relationship between Brian and Gentille ChChun.

How is Gentille still willing to go through with this marriage? He’s done nothing but lie to her. First of all, he still lives with his parents. Major red flag there. Secondly, he had a secret engagement to a wealthy woman in his past. Her desire for a family is clouding her judgement in a big way. Hopefully she reconsiders everything before walking down the aisle tonight. 

Bill & Brianna

Brianna Bill Hutchinson Marrying Millions

Bill and Brianna have been through the wringer lately. To make up for it, Bill has something great planned for her.

They arrived at a gated house, and there is A LOT of jewelry. Bill proclaims his love for Brianna and tells her to pick out any piece that she wants.

These jewels are stunning. Absolute perfection. She’s wearing a necklace that costs the price of many houses. WILD.

Bill catches Brianna off guard by asking where the engagement rings are. Her mind is entirely blown. She doesn’t know how to feel or how to react.

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He says he wants to marry her and is committed, and Brianna is speechless. I’m not upset about this at all. Despite the age gap, they’re one of the most solid couples on the show.

Their fights are so small and they quickly work it out. I’m weirdly rooting for them. LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE BRIANNA.

He says Brianna’s not actually ready for marriage, and neither is he. Bill wants to marry her at some point, but now is not the time. Look how level headed these people are. Ugh. I love love. Bill says the future looks exciting for the two of them!

Gentille & Brian

Gentille ChChun Marrying Millions

How is Gentille marrying Brian? I’m going to ask this question until the moment she calls this off.

It’s her wedding day, but she’s really nervous following the comments Rose made last week. The wedding is so rushed, and this is such a red flag.

Their lifestyles are so different, but that isn’t even the issue here. The real issue is the amount of times Brian has already lied to her.

She says that her mom would be extremely happy to see her getting married. MAYBE IF IT WAS THE RIGHT GUY. They’re getting married in a small scale chapel which is weird considering all of the money Gentille has.

Brian is elated about this wedding, but I’m sure the big bucks coming his way play into that. Guests are arriving at the wedding, and everyone is still so stunned it’s still happening. Same guys.

Poor Rose is trying her best for a last-minute call off. Bless her heart. Everyone hates Brian. If everyone in your life hates the person you’re with, it might be time to reevaluate the relationship.

Gentille’s friends want her to really think this through, and they point out the trust issues. Trust is EVERYTHING. If you don’t have trust in a relationship, what do you have? Gentille says she wants a husband and a child, but she is having some conflicting thoughts.

Brian’s really nervous because of how many people are against the relationship. Gentille’s friends pull Brian aside and tell him Gentille wants to talk to him. YES YES YES. IS IT OVER?

Her dress isn’t on, and this wedding is so not happening. She hasn’t officially called it off yet, but her vibe is not the blushing bride energy she should have.

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He tries to avoid the inevitable, but it’s no use. Gentille declares that she doesn’t want to go through with the wedding. Can I get a Hallelujah?

It’s awkward that she waited until her wedding day though. This is going to be so embarrassing when his family and friends all arrive for the ceremony.

Brian tries to say that the things he kept from her were little stupid things, but she’s not having it. He’s BEGGING for a second chance, but even the arrival of his parents isn’t enough.

She bolts out of there so fast. Her exit was so dramatic, but so iconic. He tells his parents not to come. This is weirdly kind of sad to watch.

He doesn’t want to talk to producers anymore and storms away from the interview. Gentille says there is a chance they could still get back together. The way this season ended makes me think some of these couples will be back next season.

Katie & Kolton

Kolton Pierce Katie Hamilton Marrying Millions

Katie Hamilton and Kolton Pierce are still broken up, but she misses him more than she ever imagined. She fills her daughter in on the breakup, and her daughter is a little surprised.

Katie wants to maintain her family relationships, and her fling with Kolton was taking a toll on them. Her daughter says there has been a shift in her relationships with her mom and Kolton. YA THINK? I mean your mom was literally dating your school friend.

Her daughter feels bad she played a factor in the breakup and wants her mother to be happy. I think they really loved each other. I really do.

They should block out all of the negativity, and people will come around. If they don’t, that says a lot about them.

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Katie’s daughter Julia arranged for Kolton to come over and talk to her mom. Julia doesn’t want to be what comes between them. That is so sweet. Good for her! I’m loving this! AHHH.

Julia thinks Katie and Kolton should be together. Kolton thinks they should be able to talk it out and actually fight for this relationship.

One person Katie loves is finally on board, so this is the perfect moment to pursue this. She isn’t ready to call it quits with Kolton, so she needs to do what’s best for him.

They both want to give it a second shot, and they reveal they’re still together. Kolton says he feels a deeper connection to her than he does anyone else he’s been with.

I love that they got a happy ending. I never quite understood why she was breaking up with him. I’m glad she’s giving this relationship a change to blossom.

Sean & Megan

Megan Thomas Sean Lourdes Marrying Millions

Their wedding day is only one day away and they’re having a family rehearsal dinner. Things are going to be so awkward when he father arrives. Sean Lourdes says that the two families have nothing in common. TRUE.

This is the first time that Sean’s seen his father since he begged him to get a prenup. The prenup isn’t happening at all, so this could cause a major rift between him and his father.

His parents haven’t been in the same room since he was 12, and the vibe is ice cold. Megan Thomas brings up the prenup and tells him that there won’t be one. The vibe just went from icy to glacial. This ship is sinking faster than The Titanic.

Sean’s dad is NOT happy. Now his mother is chiming in to take Megan’s side. She thinks it ruined their marriage. Things go from bad to worse when it seems to Megan like Sean’s on his dad’s side.

Megan’s parents look so mad right now. SO AWKWARD. I’d DIE if I was at that table. It looks so uncomfortable.

Her father says she’s not a gold digger. They’ve been together for years and have a child together. It’s not like she’s some random woman off the street.

His dad teases that he might not show up to the wedding, and Sean looks so hurt. WOW.

It’s the day of the wedding, and Megan’s getting nervous because she never memorized her vows. Get your stuff together Megan. Don’t screw this up.

Also, the issue with Sean’s father is still looming right now. Nobody knows if he’s going to show at this wedding. It would be such a shame if he skipped his own son’s wedding over something so trivial.

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Sean’s brother is his best man, and he’s glad to have him there. Sean hasn’t heard from his father since the dinner, but he still doesn’t want a prenup. His brother thinks it’s a mistake to not get the prenup, but he supports Sean nonetheless.

Sean’s mom thinks this will all be devastating to Sean if his father doesn’t show. Megan says she won’t feel relieved about anything until she hears Sean say I do.

Most people don’t have these obstacles to go through. For some people, it seems like a silly reason, but for people this wealthy the struggle is real.

When you have this much money, you question everything and everyone. However, I personally would block out the negativity and follow through.

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The wedding is only 20 minutes away, and there is still no sign of Sean’s father. What a mess. Megan’s starting to freak out, but she won’t stop the wedding for him.

Sean doesn’t think he could forgive his father if he no shows this wedding. We are down to the absolute wire here, and the anxiety is very real.

Its ironic that his father is destroying their family over a chance that Megan could be a gold digger. Her intentions are unknown, but his actions will make a guaranteed rift in the family.

His dad showed up with a smile on his face to support his son, and MY HEART IS SO HAPPY. Megan looks so beautiful in her dress, and she’s relieved to see his father.

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I’m surprised he came, but it was the right thing to do. They exchange heartfelt vows! Despite the drama, they made it through and are now husband and wife.

FINALLY! They look so happy as husband and wife, and it was the perfect way to end the season. Hopefully we get a season 2! PLEASE GIVE US ANOTHER SEASON LIFETIME.


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