Kelly Dodd’s Ex-Boyfriend Brian Reagan Denies Cheating Allegations

Kelly Dodd’s love life is a rollercoaster. The Real Housewives of Orange County star has been actively discussing her romantic relationships on social media this month. To catch you up – Kelly and Dr. Brian Reagan, the plastic surgeon we saw recently on RHOC, broke up in August. She claims that he was just using her for publicity because women in the OC don’t regularly go to the doc for a face tune and that he cheated.

Kelly also wowed us with her musical skills on Instagram, dedicating Queen’s “Another one bites the dust” to Brian. She also informed us that she’s seeing someone new. In what will become a classic Kelly move, she confirmed her latest relationship by tagging new beau, Fox News correspondent, Rick Leventhal in an Instagram post that was about her breakup with Brian. Is your head spinning yet? While this is all definitely entertaining, breaking up with Kelly sounds legitimately exhausting.

It seems that the publicity hungry plastic surgeon is exhausted as well. Brian recently spoke to Page Six, and denied Kelly’s cheating allegations. “Kelly and I are no longer dating,” Brian stated. “I completely deny having cheated on her. Completely. That’s not why we’re not dating,” he emphasized to the celebrity news site.

Brian shared some more thoughts with Page Six (warning: there are so many typos in this statement), “I simply cannot make her see — I’m not there all the time — she’s reacting. There are other things that have happened. I’m not going to share. And that’s it. She’s trying to spin this and I completely deny having cheating. Because I don’t want to be with her anyone she thinks there has to be another woman. But there’s not. It’s not. It’s just not working. We’ve been on-again-off-again.” Thank you for the clarification, Brian. Well said!

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From what I can gather from this dribble, Brian denies that he cheated on Kelly. He is not however denying the publicity-seeking. “My focus is on my son and my career,” Brian added. “I regret ever getting involved in [reality TV] … but this is my life and I’m just gonna get back to being a good dad, a good surgeon,” he concluded to Page Six. Let’s hope he can. I have a feeling that if he did cheat or use Kelly in any way, she’s not going to let him quietly disappear.

I’m team Kelly always. But I also tend to agree with her RHOC co-stars that Kelly goes for the rich daddies. I don’t fault her. I just think she should focus on someone closer to her age/maturity level, instead of the bank account.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]