Katie Rost Shades Robyn Dixon; Slams Real Housewives Of Potomac Production For Hiding Pregnancy

Bravo’s ball-and-gala girl is getting the last word.

Last week, Katie Rost took to social media to deliver a no-holds-barred statement explaining the real reason she left the cast trip in the Cayman Islands. The explosive Instagram post takes no prisoners, with the Real Housewives of Potomac OG calling out everyone from her castmates to Truly Original (the show’s production company) and Bravo.

During the Season 4 cast trip, the RHOP star’s behavior fueled much of the drama, from her blow-out fight with former pal Ashley Darby to her mysterious illness and sudden disappearance from the hotel. (While Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon looked furiously for their friend, production eventually alerted them that Katie had left for the airport — seemingly unannounced — and bailed on the final days of the vacation.)

Then, when Katie turned up in the finale at Karen Huger‘s launch party for La Dame fragrance, many of the ‘Wives used their confessional interviews to shade the ball-and-gala girl for acting completely unbothered, with Robyn even joking that she wouldn’t be inviting Katie on any more vacations in the future. The Friend of the Housewives inexplicably didn’t get her own confessionals this season (#JusticeforKatie). Now, she’s using her personal social media channels to tell her side of the story.

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“Wow, what an impossible situation,” Katie wrote on Instagram following the finale. “On the trip to the Cayman, I was sick, I was there a day and a night before the ‘host’ Robyn arrived. I don’t know what host means cause Robyn couldn’t host a five person dinner with her always declined Amex, so trust and believe I’m not sweating her deciding to not invite me on any more trips that she: a) can’t afford and b) get to on time…lord where was I…”

After completely decimating Robyn with that read, the OG dropped a bombshell. She dished on what was really going on with her illness during the tropical getaway.

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“I left Grand Cayman after notifying production and the front desk that I was sick,” she explained. She continued, “I got home and found out I was pregnant. I told Robyn, Gizelle and all of production…two days before Karen‘s La Dame party. I told Ashley the night of.” She revealed, “I lost the baby a few months later.”

If Katie‘s version of events is true — and she did tragically miscarry before the season aired — then there seems to be more than a fair share of convenient amnesia and a severe lack of compassion from everyone on the receiving end of her wrath. She also commented on the post expressing her disappointment in how her storyline has been portrayed this season.

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“The saddest part for me is that horrible feeling knowing you were integral in creating something and those people treat you like shit,” she wrote. “It’s the opposite of every experience I’ve ever had. My mom talked to Andy Cohen the other day, he knows a bit of what’s going on. But I think production has lied about their misbehavior. I keep it real.”

No matter what you believe, it’s clear Katie could have been treated better this season. Plus, she’s an original cast member who helped turn the franchise into a success. She was obviously in a delicate place in her life during filming. However, production and Bravo also neglected to invite her to the upcoming Season 4 reunion. We may never get to the bottom of the drama.

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