Married To Medicine Recap: Resuscitated Friendships

Married to Medicine Recap: Resuscitated Friendships

On last night’s episode of Married to Medicine, the women attempt to resolve some of the divide within the group. Emotions definitely run high when they are forced to face the real issues.  Something tells me that no matter what the outcome is, there will still be shade thrown at every given opportunity.

Simone Whitmore and Quad Webb-Lunceford struggle to repair their friendship, but a breaking point may be near. Toya Bush-Harris and her family struggle to heal from her miscarriage.  Jackie Walters and Simone plan a surprise dinner for Heavenly Kimes and Mariah Huq to work out their issues. Will this group be able to mend broken fences? Let’s get straight into the Married to Medicine recap!

Married to Medicine Recap: Resuscitated Friendships

After a disastrous meeting with Quad, Simone is fuming. Simone felt like Quad’s demeanor and her line of questioning was problematic. I agree. Quad knows she was out of line. It was clear she didn’t come to reconcile, but to send a message. Quad wanted to discuss the past blowup at Heavenly’s crab broil, which happened two years ago.

Simone recaps her night to Cecil Whitmore when she arrives home. She recalls clearing things up at the crab broil with Quad two years ago. It’s odd Quad would show up with selective outrage. Honestly, I believe she will do anything for a dramatic scene and camera time. Quad is making sure she stays gainfully employed as a Married to Medicine cast member.

Toya visits Mariah to chat with her and her sister, Lake. Mariah still isn’t happy that Jackie hasn’t taken ownership for repeating the drug accusations on the podcast. All she is looking for is a simple apology. Toya wishes all the ladies were in a place where they could all talk things out. Mariah isn’t having it unless everyone acknowledges their wrongs.

Well, we all know this group isn’t going to own all of their messy moments. But I don’t think Jackie should have repeated such a salacious rumor since she is friends with both parties.

Married to Medicine Recap: Resuscitated Friendships

Jackie and Simone make a deal. I don’t know how long it will last, but it has “temporary” written all over it. Jackie asks Simone to forgive Heavenly so they can all be close friends again. I don’t know think that would be possible for me when you blast my family to the public on social media. Let’s not forget: Simone wanted Cecil to choose her over his friend Tammy. I think the same mindset should apply with Heavenly. The woman attacked her husband and told the world things that they shared with her in private.

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Simone requests that Jackie hash things out with Mariah as well. Both women agree to try to make things right with the ladies. Maybe I am not forgiving, but I would never speak to Heavenly again!

Married to Medicine Recap: Resuscitated Friendships

Contessa confides in Heavenly about her blowup with Scott. Wrong move! We now know that if Contessa or Scott piss off Heavenly their business will be front-page news.  Heavenly takes Scott’s side. She feels as a wife and mother that Contessa has forgotten her priorities. Contessa shouldn’t have left the kids behind to attend school in Tennessee. How do you go from crying about working in the same state for eight hours to moving to a whole other state? Something is not adding up!

In an interview, Contessa throws shade at Heavenly and says she is the exact opposite of a domestic goddess herself. I’m sorry Contessa, but you will be hard-pressed to find someone in that circle who agrees with you leaving your family.

Married to Medicine Recap: Resuscitated Friendships

Married to Medicine Recap: Resuscitated Friendships

Toya and Eugene Harris sit down and discuss their kids.  One of their sons has been acting out in school. They think his change in behavior could be due to the miscarriage. They decide to talk to the boys about it. Their sons admit they are upset that they lost their sibling. Toya consoles them and tells them they can talk about it whenever they want.

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After their sons leave, she finally admits that she is struggling emotionally.  She feels guilty that she told her children she was pregnant so early and feels she caused them unnecessary pain. Eugene supports his wife and lets her know she will be OK. I don’t care what anyone says about Toya, she is a good mother and wife.

Married to Medicine Recap: Resuscitated Friendships

Simone has a meeting with Cecil and their sons. She goes over a list of things that have to change in the household.  Simone wants them to clean up after themselves and take out the trash. She also doesn’t want to walk their dog anymore. After she is done, her sons jokingly give her a list of things they need her to work on, including not being so loud.

Quad tells Jackie about her unsuccessful meeting with Simone. Jackie advises Quad to move on from what happened at the crab boil. In a post-interview, Jackie says Simone shouldn’t have to apologize over and over again. But it’s hard for Quad to move on because she’s still hurt by it.

OMG… who cares! I am so sick of The Quad Show. It’s as if no one else can ever be hurt or offended, it’s all about Quad. I don’t know how anyone could be friends with such a draining person.

Married to Medicine Recap: Resuscitated Friendships

Simone takes Mariah to a restaurant. She eventually reveals they are actually there to meet Jackie and Heavenly. Mariah isn’t happy, to say the least. Heavenly isn’t either after she realizes Jackie set her up.

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It’s definitely very awkward at first. They eventually start engaging in conversation. Jackie says she understands that she offended Mariah by repeating what Quad said. She apologizes and Mariah accepts.

Married to Medicine Recap: Resuscitated Friendships

Things are more complex when they shift to Heavenly and Simone’s issues. Heavenly feels like Cecil was wrong to repeat Mariah’s shady comment about her house on Twitter. Simone feels like Heavenly was wrong to make fun of Cecil’s lack of employment.

Things go left when Heavenly says that Damon Kimes would never do this. Simone is triggered. Then, she responds that Damon is doing some things that Cecil would never do. Of course, Heavenly gets angry and demands to be told what those things are. Mariah suggests they take a break and takes Simone to the restroom to cool off.

Married to Medicine Recap: Resuscitated Friendships

When Simone and Mariah return to the table, Heavenly states there is no comparison because Damon is a better husband. Chile, I am sitting on the edge of my seat with my popcorn. Simone breaks down in tears and says Heavenly says hurtful things. Heavenly responds that Simone says hurtful things as well. She bites the bullet and apologizes for her comments about Cecil. Both women hug it out and agree to move on.

Chile, please this friendship is being held together by a loose thread and gum. I don’t think this truce will last for very long, mark my words.


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