Married To Medicine Recap: Ballin’ On A Budget

On last night’s episode of Married to Medicine, there was a little bit of everything. You have reconciliations, budgets and of course some drama. I’m starting to think it’s weird when  there isn’t an issue, because it’s so rare.

Jackie Walters and Curtis have big dreams for their house, but are finding out their budget may be too small for their plans. Contessa Metcalfe‘s family is having a difficult time with her being away in Nashville. Simone Whitmore’s friend, Buffie throws a party and things go downhill fast with some of the guests. Are we surprised? It wouldn’t be a true Married to Medicine episode, without a little shade!

 Jackie and Curtis to discuss the renovations they want to be made to their home. They both have very different taste in decor. Curtis thinks some of Jackie’s choices are too much, including the chandelier in the closet. Jackie is just happy to finally get to work on some of the changes she has wanted for the house.  Curtis will just have to deal. He is lucky that they aren’t in a condo in the city.

Married to Medicine Recap: Ballin’ on a Budget

Scott Metcalfe  and Contessa take the kids to the park for some quality time. Contessa doesn’t feel like Scott is as emotionally supportive of the kids as she is. I just think Contessa needs to give poor Scott a break. They are two different parents and aren’t going to always do things the same way.  The kids even admit that they don’t like that she’s away in school. Her youngest daughter tells Contessa that she sometimes forgets about her when she’s not around. Wow… that has to hurt.

Buffie decides to throw another end of tax season party. The theme requires everyone to have a $500 limit for their outfits. On the way to the party, Quad Webb-Lunceford  discusses Simone with Heavenly Kimes.  Meanwhile, Simone talks to Jackie about her issues with Quad. Both ladies think they are owed an apology. When Quad and Simone see each other they agree to work out their problems, despite their recent blowup. Of course, Mariah Huq  has to throw a dig when she sees Heavenly.  She tells Heavenly that cheap dresses look good on her.

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Married to Medicine Recap: Ballin’ on a Budget

When I saw Joseline Hernandez at this party, I knew nothing good would come of it. Apparently, she has been a client and friend of Buffie’s for the past 5 years. Joseline clashes with Toya Bush-Harris after she says being a mother is a full-time job. Joseline takes the opportunity to shade Toya about her past tax debt and tell her she looks “thrifty.” Toya warns Joseline to stay out of her personal business. Mariah has to take Toya to the bathroom to calm her down. Buffie attempts to apologize for Joseline’s actions. Joseline went off on Eugene Harris as well. When he told her not to call his wife a “hoe,” Joseline went off. Frustrated with the drama, Toya and Eugene decide to leave. Well, I can’t say I’m surprised.

Married to Medicine Recap: Ballin’ on a Budget

Married to Medicine Recap: Ballin’ on a Budget

Mariah meets up with Toya to discuss the party. Toya didn’t like how Buffie handled the situation with Joseline. At this point, she has no desire to move forward with Buffie. If anyone has seen Joseline on Love and Hip Hop they know, she can be a lot to deal with. I am questioning why Buffie would even think it was a good idea to invite her. Nonetheless, Toya is looking forward to her upcoming birthday party.

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Married to Medicine Recap: Ballin’ on a Budget

Toya decides to have a sip and paint event for her 43rd birthday. She even invites Contessa. However, she leaves Buffie off of her invitation list. Look how things have changed. Toya wants to move on from her past issues with Contessa. The two even hug when Contessa arrives. Simone brings Buffie to the party anyway. Toya isn’t happy, but Simone hopes she will give Buffie another chance.

Married to Medicine Recap: Ballin’ on a Budget

At the beginning of the event, Toya reveals that she had a miscarriage. After dealing with the loss, she wanted to have something that was positive. Buffie gives Toya a hug and offers condolences. Then nude male models come out. I guess it wouldn’t be Toya if there wasn’t a twist to the evening. Heavenly decides not to tell her husband about that part of the night.

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I’m glad Toya finally told everyone what she has been going through lately. Maybe in the future they will be nicer to one another. You never know what someone else is dealing with personally. I doubt this group will totally mend all their issues, but it’s nice when they can come together.


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