Bethenny Frankel Clarifies When She Started Dating Boyfriend Paul Bernon

Season 11 of Real Housewives of New York was amazing! Bethenny Frankel, who chose not to cabaret (sorry Luann de Lesseps!) has had quite a season. In August of 2018, she suffered the loss of on-and-off boyfriend Dennis Shields to a suspected drug overdose. In fact, Bethenny revealed on RHONY that Dennis had proposed to her, and given a ring to her daughter, Bryn Hoppy. That reveal was so sweet, and so sad, at the same time.

Bethenny also suffered a frightening medical emergency in 2018. She has a severe fish allergy, and unknowingly ate some soup that had fish in it. Bethenny went into anaphylactic shock and spent two days in the ICU. In the RHONY finale, Bethenny decided to skip Luann’s holiday cabaret extravaganza because she was still recovering from her recent brush with death. And Luann was still offended that Bethenny skipped her show.

Bethenny credited her boyfriend, Paul Bernon, with saving her life during her allergic reaction. Paul, who is a real estate developer and film producer, lives in the Boston area. He sounds like a good man to have around in a crisis. Viewers have heard Bethenny talk about her new man, but so far, he has avoided the cameras.

But exactly when did Bethenny and Paul start dating? And what about the hot caterer, Russ Theriot? Bethenny’s ex Russ appeared in the RHONY episode when Bethenny hosted an event at her home, and he showed up to grab some camera time check up on her event. So exactly who was Bethenny dating, and when?

Never fear—Andy Cohen is nailing down Bethenny’s convoluted dating timeline. Bravo’s The Daily Dish shared a video clip from the RHONY reunion, and Andy goes there. Andy read a viewer question about whether Bethenny was dating Russ and Paul while she was on a break from dating Dennis.

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Bethenny said, “I dated intermittently. Well, what happened was we would break up for a month or two months, and then I’d be like ‘OK’ and I would say to Dennis, ‘I want to meet someone.’ And I met catering guy..ah… in the Hamptons and we dated for a couple.. 6 weeks…two months.” Andy shared some thoughts about Russ. “He’s the hottest guy on the planet,” Andy said. I think Andy may have been drooling a bit. And most of the New York ladies, too.

“We were really very very much into each other, and there was an age difference and I wasn’t ready for that relationship to be honest,” Bethenny added. Dorinda Medley, after noticing Andy’s reaction, quipped, “Andy’s ready!”

Apparently, Dennis wasn’t happy when he saw a picture of Bethenny and Russ together. “Well, that was a hard pill for Dennis to swallow seeing me in a picture with him on the beach,” Bethenny said. Dorinda exclaimed, “That was a hard pill for all of us to swallow seeing you and him on the beach!”

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Andy then asked if Bethenny and Paul got “hot and heavy” while Bethenny was still grieving for Dennis. Bethenny clarified that they had started dating earlier. “So last Christmas I went out on a date. I remember talking to Tinsley [Mortimer] and being like, ‘I really like him’ and I thought I was an idiot because I was saying like, ‘I don’t know. I feel like he could be like the one or something,’” Bethenny shared. “I was really into him and we went out a couple of times and I just wasn’t really ready… like I was too needy, if that makes any sense. I wanted someone to give me a guarantee…[this is the guy] because I didn’t wanna get hurt.”

After Dennis’s death, Paul came back into Bethenny’s life. The mogul stated, “He just came back and really courted me and it was great ’cause I had a history with him and I trusted him.” Bethenny dished that they are still together. Maybe, this time, Bethenny has found her Mr. Right.

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[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]