Report: Marc Daly Had “Multiple Affairs” While Married To Kenya Moore

It seemed like Kenya Moore finally had everything she ever wanted. She was happily married to Marc Daly, a mom to baby Brooklyn, and, most importantly, she got her peach back. So much for that whole happy marriage thing.

In September, Kenya and Marc announced their separation after two years together. The news was both shocking and not shocking at the same time. Basically, we know nothing about Marc or their relationship dynamic. However, just two days before the split, Kenya, Marc, and baby Brooklyn did a live TV interview talking about how happy their family is. So much for that. Now, rumors are swirling about why these two split up.

Kenya “An inside source” told Us Weekly, “Marc has had multiple affairs on Kenya.” That same person told the magazine, “She walked away from her career for him and he had no problem with that and no problem disrespecting her.” Damn, that’s cold. As polarizing as Kenya is, that’s hard to hear, if it’s really what happened.

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While Real Housewives of Atlanta fans haven’t seen much of Marc, they will when the show returns for Season 10 in November. In the trailer, Kenya cries about the state of her marriage in one scene. In another, Marc and Kenya argue over money. He even shouts at her, “You can take everything, I’ll build it again!”

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Rumor has it that their actual breakup was filmed for Real Housewives of Atlanta. That is both awful and amazing at the same time. Selfishly, I can’t help being nosy. But, then again, that just seems like it’s way too personal to share with the world.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]