Kenya Moore Will Be Back On Real Housewives Of Atlanta!

She’s back!!! Kenya Moore will be a part of Real Housewives of Atlanta for Season 12. After a painfully boring Season 11 (up until the closet drama), Kenya is needed. Just don’t tell NeNe Leakes that.

NeNe flipped out during the Season 11 finale when Kenya showed up to Cynthia Bailey’s party. She accused Cynthia of scheming against her with Kandi Burruss in cahoots. Cynthia made some questionable hot mic comments. The last thing NeNe wanted was a Kenya Moore return, but here we are.

There has been speculation about this comeback for a while, but Kenya confirmed it via Instagram post. She shared a photo of herself holding up a peach in front of a green screen. She made it very obvious that she got her full-time role back. After all, Friends of the Housewives do not hold peaches. Just ask Marlo Hampton.

Kenya told her followers “I was hungry so I snatched a [peach]” along with a peach emoji and a queen emoji. I just wish that the production company broke down the fourth wall and managed to film NeNe’s reaction to Kenya’s return. She just had to be livid.

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In all honesty, NeNe set this situation up. NeNe’s fuss over Kenya’s cameo appearance last season just got the ball rolling for a comeback. NeNe ended Season 11, needing to be checked. If anyone is going to come through on this it’s Kenya.

Truth be told, it’s a real shame that Kenya left the show for a season. We missed some milestones. She became a mother, obviously. However, she somehow managed to become friends with Porsha Williams. That is something we needed to see on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Ugh. Better late than never though. I guess.

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[Photo Credit: Instagram]