Below Deck Star Kate Chastain Talks Storming Off The Boat & Disappointing Captain Lee Rosbach

So happy Kate Chastain is back in our lives. If nothing else, Chief Stew Kate is also Chief Stew of Snark. I applaud her continued efforts on behalf of snarkers everywhere. Thankfully Kate has returned for the new season of Below Deck, we’re in Thailand where it is hot and sticky, but the local food is worth multiple bug bites from questionable insects.

The show is making another voyage on the high seas and we are already one episode down. Thanks to #editingbybravo the foreshadowing is on the wall for future troubles the crew will face. When the highly anticipated trailer for the new season was released, viewers saw Kate storming off the vessel whilst advising abdmonimally challenged chef Kevin Dobson to find a new chief stew. Now Kate explains why she peaced out on the chef, and the disappointment she inflicted on Captain Lee Rosbach.

Chefs seem to be the bane of Kate’s existence. I suppose they are considered “artists” and by trade, artists can be notoriously moody. Ben Robinson has had conflict with Kate. Chef Adrian Martin had to be talked out of having a living penis sea cucumber as a table decoration. Leon Walker almost burned down the boat. And the most “bless your heart” chef of them all, Matt Burns, had to have his hand held while he prepared a meal. This season we have met new chef Kevin. And it looks like he will also be a thorn in Kate’s side.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kate reflected on past charters and current frustrations. “I always surprise myself, I’m full of surprises,” Kate teased. But what about her dramatic exit off the boat? Kate said, “I didn’t technically go overboard but I did kind of jump ship.” While Kate might have briefly taken the road less traveled, she explained the situation.

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The trailer showed a maybe drunk Ashton Pienaar confronting a maybe drunk Kate, telling her, “Everybody feels that way about you, Kate!” But as we all know, Kate is not the one. She is seen replying, “OK, great. Go find another chief stew. I quit,” before she storms off the yacht. In an attempt to explain her actions, Kate revealed, “I went off into the Thailand night. I was just frustrated. It was close quarters. And it was towards the end of the season and, in that moment, it was just kind of one of those, ‘Eff you, eff you, you’re cool, I’m out’.”

Kate later figured out, that moment was nothing compared to the feeling of disappointing the stud of the sea Captain Lee. He had zero clue she said hasta la vista. Kate said, “I think he was very surprised when he called for his morning coffee and it wasn’t arriving.” And then there was the inevitable chat that came after her exodus.

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Kate offered, “I mean, he supported me no matter what, but there was a bit of disappointment. On both sides — he was disappointed that I got to that level of frustration. He was disappointed that I walked off the boat. And I was disappointed that I disappointed him.” At least she didn’t have to concoct a story about a mysterious penis blanket on someone’s bed. #neverforget

Still, Kate will seemingly have to endure the attitude of another artist chef. Hope Kevin finally got some Pepto, he’ll need it. In previews, Kevin is shown telling Kate, “No, I don’t think you’re a good chief stew,” and, “You’re not the special superstar that you think you are. F**k off.” Something tells me Kevin should sleep with one eye open. Kate admitted she tries to get along with her sailing chefs, but Kevin made things pretty difficult. You might have a bad attitude too, if you lost most of your internal organs on the first charter.

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All in all, Kate said this is a great season for drama and hookups. “Our deck crew is hot, Thailand is hot. It’s just a very hot season. And there’s a lot of romance this season.” Stay tuned for the future downfall of Kevin trials and tribulations the crew will throw our way.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]