BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN -- Season:7 -- Pictured: Kate Chastain -- (Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo)

Below Deck Star Kate Chastain Shares Why She’s Not Friends With Hannah Ferrier Anymore

Aside from their job titles and reality TV experience, Below Deck Chief Stews Kate Chastain and Hannah Ferrier have something else in common: they’re difficult to get along with. And they both make great TV, of course. Sure, Captain Sandy Yawn and Ben Robinson gave Hannah flack for putting her friendship with the stews as a priority over actually working, but this is the first season Hannah actually got along with the interior. Oh, wait, I almost forgot about the June, June Hannah of it all.

Nevertheless, the Bravo stars have formed a nice relationship with each other even though they’ve never worked on a yacht together. Who would be in charge of the interior if they did though? My money is on Kate. Well, it turns out that friendship between Kate and Hannah is long gone. Or at least that’s what Kate recently said.

It all starting during the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4 finale. Yes, Below Deck Med is really over. But, at least, Below Deck returns for Season 7 on October 7.

Anyway, Kate live tweeted the episode, which she usually does. Remember that cast dinner when Aesha Scott shaded Captain Sandy for being unhappy with the interior, specifically criticizing Hannah’s (lack of) passion for yachting? What a professional note to end the season…

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Well, Kate tweeted, “My mom used to make us play the same high/low game at dinner every night growing up and I’m just saying you’re supposed to start with the low so you end on a high note. My mom also has amazing table settings.” Unlike Hannah, who cares more about cozying up to the guests, according to Captain Sandy, anyway.

Kate defended Ben and Sandy’s criticism when she told a fan, “I wasn’t there Marci but I do know that both Ben and Sandy are excellent examples of yachting professionals with many years of experience and I trust their judgment. They weren’t upset the stews were getting along, they were upset it was at the cost of guest experience.” She even doubled down with the sentiment and tweeted, “I’m just saying….they weren’t wrong.”

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In response, a fan asked Kate, “What is your problem with all the shade on @hannahferrier_? I thought you two were friends? You are great at what you do but absolutely no need for these passively aggressive nasty tweets.”

Well, Kate feels that there is a need for these tweets. Kate responded, “Unfortunately I don’t consider people who talk poorly about me behind my back to be a friend.” Damn. Does anyone have receipts? I would love to see those. Damn.

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I think Andy Cohen should invite them both to the clubhouse to talk this out on live TV.


[Photo Credit: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo]