Real Housewives Of Dallas Star Kary Brittingham Says She Only Attended LeeAnne Locken’s Wedding Because She “Had Nothing Going On” That Day

If there’s one person newcomer Kary Brittingham isn’t getting along with this season on The Real Housewives of Dallas, it’s LeeAnne Locken.

In a recent interview, the new RHOD star opened up about the reasons behind her bad blood with the OG and gave a surprising reason for why she went to LeeAnne‘s wedding.

Sitting down with Entertainment Tonight‘s Brice Sander, Kary said that, despite her best efforts, LeeAnne was the one who started their relationship off on bad note. ”

“I feel like I came in completely trying to give everyone a chance, and I wanted to get to know everybody,” Kary said. “You know, she was just very difficult to get to know, so I feel like she just kind of had a wall, actually, towards me. LeeAnne was just, on the trip to Mexico, she was honestly just really negative…When people are like that, I tend to just ignore them.”

The RHOD rookie also teased an upcoming clash with her new nemesis, revealing the argument occurs over LeeAnne choosing not to invite ex-bestie D’Andra Simmons to her bachelorette party. Considering that D’Andra was the one who introduced her to the group, Kary said the purposeful exclusion put her in an uncomfortable position with the bride-to-be.

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“We had this amazing trip in Mexico and, you know, her and D’Andra seemed to be OK,” Kary dished. “I saw D’Andra really making an effort, getting along with LeeAnne. When D’Anda asked me if I was going to the bachelorette, [I said,] ‘Oh yes, are you coming?’ She said, ‘No I’m not going, she didn’t invite me.’ So I kind of felt a little bit, honestly, weird because you know, here I’m friends with D’Andra, I just met LeeAnne; I’m invited, but she’s not. So I was trying to figure out why was D’Andra not invited?

Naturally, Kary hinted that what she claims was an innocent question didn’t exactly go over well with the famously hot-tempered OG, throwing some serious shade in the process.

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“So you know, in LeeAnne‘s form, she gets in my face and screams about it,” the newbie said. “She loves to create sides and likes to give shit to a lot of people, but when you do it to her, she plays the victim and oh my gosh, makes the biggest thing out of it.”

The promise of more drama coming down the pipeline this season on RHOD then begs the question: why did Kary even bother going to LeeAnne‘s wedding if the two weren’t getting along?

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“When I really, really realized ‘OK, this is not gonna go anywhere’ was really on our trip to Thailand,” she explained. “Honestly, before that, she would invite me and she texted me directly, ‘Hey come to my wedding’ and ‘I would like for you to be there,’ and I had nothing going on. I wanted to be there because…I was hoping that we could be friends, and I knew this was a very important thing for LeeAnne.

As for whether she and the carny queen of RHOD can move past their differences and eventually become friends, Kary said the ball is firmly in LeeAnne‘s court for the time being.

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“I’m never gonna say no because you never know,” she said. “Famous last words right?…I don’t like to have enemies. I would like to be cordial with LeeAnne; it’s really up to her.”


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