New Real Housewives of Dallas Star Kary Brittingham Throws Major Shade At LeeAnne Locken’s Wedding

Thank goodness Real Housewives of Dallas has returned. I don’t know about you, but it’s nice to revisit some altered faces we haven’t seen in a while. Speaking of new faces, the cast swapped out one C/Kary for another. Cary Deuber has moved into the “friend of” role under the guise of keeping her husband away from the Round-Up her busy medical practice. Thanks for the memories, Cary…

Last night we met Kary Brittingham. She has been brought in as a friend of newly poor D’Andra Simmons. You might think this would create an automatic bias against D’Andra’s frenemy, LeeAnne Locken, aaaand you might be right. But isn’t that the basic Housewife formula anyway? Kary is married with 4 kids and originally from Guadalajara, Mexico. If she is coming into this world and seeing a target on LeeAnne’s back, she better be wearing Kevlar because LeeAnne does not play. I hope Kary has a strong backbone because she recently mocked a sacred ceremonial institution. In other words, New Kary just drew first blood.

And we’re off! New Kary is wasting no time in letting viewers know what side of the fence she’s on. I don’t know if D’Andra is giving her discontinued free anti-aging creams or what, but she has come for LeeAnne on a rather sensitive topic. Things you probably shouldn’t make fun of are: someone’s children, medical conditions, and weddings. Apparently New Kary didn’t get the memo.

In an interview with Us Weekly Kary shared her thoughts on the decor at LeeAnne’s nuptials. “The ceremony was really nice. It was really, really nice. I think their vows were really sweet.” Seems complimentary, right? Only for a second. While Kary enjoyed the vows, she said the reception was budget city.

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Kary shared, “The reception was, like, a circus. It was so hot and they had no food. It was just like, no, it was not a great wedding at all. Definitely not $4 million, maybe, $2,000.” Duck and cover, duck and cover! This is kind of a low blow and I’m sure most of us are familiar with brides who are easily triggered.

It might be safe to say these comments will not please the newly married LeeAnne. In her defense, co-star Stephanie Hollman revealed LeeAnne’s reception had a carnival theme that suited her personality perfectly. According to Kary, Stephanie was a “VIP guest.” In contrast, Kary says she received her invitation to LeeAnne’s wedding by mistake via text.

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We’ll have to stay tuned to see what Kary will bring to the show. If she’s not careful, she will release the Kraken punch through LeeAnne’s already shaky anger management and get a taste of medicine only LeeAnne can bring. As we know, LeeAnne has no qualms about going full crazy to make a point. And that’s why we love her.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]