90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days

Darcey Silva is on her third season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.  She has pained viewers with her histrionics, her incessant need for affirmations, and an absolutely outrageous wardrobe.  There is a reference to love and/or engagements in every sentence she utters.

This gal doesn’t seem concerned with getting to know the man she intends to marry, just so long as he pops the question.  Prior to appearing on the show with Brit Tom Brooks this season, Darcey was dating Netherlands native Jesse Meester.  That courtship ended in disaster.  And maybe Jesse had a couple of good points about Darcey because she is clearly displaying some behavioral patterns in her new relationship.  As Season 3 progresses, we see the same needy, irrational Darcey fixating on extracting a proposal from Tom.  And of course fans are dying to find out if their relationship is still going strong or has Tom made a break for it?

Darcey dished on her relationship with Entertainment Tonight. She hinted that she and Tom are not seeing each other anymore.  Darcey said, “you know what, it is to be determined, you guys are gonna have to wait and see.”

“But on that journey of love, I take risks and I am so proud of it,” Darcey continued, “I will always follow my heart and, you know what, I’m grateful.  I’m grateful for the energy that I bring to relationships and opening my heart.  It’s a positive thing in my end, so, we’ll see what happens.”  It’s an illusion, is what it is.

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Darcey denies that she is anything but authentic on camera.  Oh boy.  She explained, “I’m always Darcey, and Darcey’s Darcey.  I’ve heard it before and I’ll hear it again.  Tom’s gonna like, say maybe a little bit of what he wants to say, but you know what, in the end, I have a real heart.  I want love just like everybody else.  And you know what, when you know somebody for that amount of time, and you go one that journey for love, you know, I’m deserving of it.  And I’m not here to be made for a fool, so we’ll see what happens.”

Is Darcey hinting that Tom made a fool of her?  “I wouldn’t say that he has, maybe at times,” she said.

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Darcey has been fishing for an I Love You from Tom, even going so far as to cry and pout for it.  Darcey hinted that, though he finally made the statement, there will be trouble in paradise.  She explained, “he has said he loves me.  But you will have to watch the next couple of shows to see what happens.”

Surely Tom had good intentions for appearing on the show?  He’s not promoting a brand or talking about his professional life, so Darcey may be right that he is not using her for fame.  She said, “Tom’s motivation is Tom’s motivation.  I trust him and just was being there on my own journey and following my own heart.  And when I love somebody, I want to make sure that it’s feeling right for me.  In the end, I want to make sure his intentions are real as well.  You know, time will tell.”

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Darcey has become a bit of a laughing stock because she cries literally each episode.  But she is not concerned about that and explained the reason she is so emotional.  Darcey said, “it’s an emotional roller coaster of being in that moment in real time.  You’re putting your life on the line, like, loving, giving your heart.  And understanding, when you feel in that moment like something isn’t right, you get emotional.  It might rub someone else the wrong way than the other person.  I give my heart and that’s it, and they can say what they want.”

Regardless of what happens with Tom, Darcey will never stop believing in love.  And if she can’t be Mrs. Brooks, she will be a missus to somebody, anybody.

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“I’m 45, guys.  I’ve had two kids.  I’ve been divorced, I’ve been through many relationships,” Darcey concluded, “I’m not giving up, no matter what.  I’m going to keep fighting.  Love is on my heart always.  But you know what, I’ll lean back and we’ll see what happens.”


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