D’Andra Simmons Isn’t Ready To Forgive LeeAnne Locken For Calling Her A “Fat Cow” On Real Housewives Of Dallas

D’Andra Simmons‘ friendship with LeeAnne Locken has been at a stalemate so far this season on The Real Housewives of Dallas. While the duo’s long, slow spiral over accusations of cheating (D’Andra), alcoholism (LeeAnne) and financial woes (also LeeAnne) fueled the primary drama of Season 3, thus far the feuding former besties have spent this year tiptoeing cautiously around one another, despite a sit-down early in the season where they both committed to moving forward.

However, the friendship fallout once again took center stage in the Oct. 16 episode when a dust-up with Kary Brittingham over Leanne not inviting D’Andra to her bachelorette party led to the RHOD OG angrily calling her ex-BFF a “fat cow.” In a recent interview, D’Andra opened up about her reaction to the name-calling and revealed whether she was ready to accept an apology from her former bestie.

“I was disappointed, of course,” D’Andra said in a sit-down with People TV’s Reality Checked. “And a little bit hurt, because LeeAnne knows my triggers are my weight — because I’ve always struggled with my weight, I’ve talked about that openly — and, of course, my relationship with my mother…And she went to one of those below the belt places that I just thought it was a really low blow. I wasn’t there; there was no reason to do that. I know Kary was kind of antagonizing her a little bit and I understand that, but Kary was just wondering what was going on.”

According to the embattled Hard Night Good Morning beauty maven, the biggest difference between her and LeeAnne is the OG’s inability to ever take a joke.

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“And the other thing is, LeeAnne can dish it out all day long but she can’t be roasted,” she continued. “You know, I invited a roast for my birthday, I kinda roasted her with the [L’Infinity] dress [in the midseason trailer]; she cannot be roasted and she can’t laugh. She gets mad, it’s like everything’s a nuclear disaster. It’s not that big of a deal. It’s just fun.”

However, when it came to watching the “fat cow” dig play out on screen, D’Andra wasn’t laughing.

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“I cried. I will tell you, I cried for a while, and then I’m like, ‘OK. Pick myself up by the bootstraps, moving on,’ she explained before revealing that LeeAnne had already attempted to apologize.

“She called me and left a message,” the RHOD star said. “And I have not spoken to her because I feel like it’s just…Right now, she had some really hurtful things the night before that she said about me on Twitter. Instead of just saying, ‘I’m sorry,’ kept on and on saying, ‘Well you did this.’ It’s always tit for tat. Sometimes it just needs to be ‘I’m sorry’ and not tit for tat. There doesn’t need to be, ‘Well you did this and therefore I did this and therefore I did that.’ The pettiness is silly. If she had just said ‘I’m sorry’ and that was it, I would’ve probably been much more open to having a friendship, but right now we’re just kind of at a standstill.”

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