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LeeAnne Locken Calls Out D’Andra Simmons For Making Cheating Allegations About Rich Emberlin In Her Confessionals, But Not To Her Face

How have you been enjoying the first weeks of the Real Housewives of Dallas? The ladies have been serving up a little drama so far and are already in the middle of a cast trip to Mexico. To be honest, I could have watched the last couple of episodes just for the incredible cliff-side setting of Kary Brittingham’s family vacation home. That, and D’Andra Simmon’s epic drunk scenes last week that give reigning Housewife champs Luann de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan and Brandi Glanville a run for their money!

One of the continuing themes of the show last season was the ongoing strife in the long-standing friendship between LeeAnne Locken and D’Andra. The two hit a jarring speed bump when D’Andra alleged that LeeAnne’s relationship with fiancé and now husband Rich Emberlin was not what it seemed. And in her confessionals last season, D’Andra made accusations of Rich being unfaithful to LeeAnne. Shockingly, that made the usually calm, cool and collected LeeAnne a little hot under her 12,000 ways-to-wear-it L’Infinity dress. Now, LeeAnne is speaking out about the situation.

In an interview with HollywoodLife, LeeAnne declared, “I wish that she [D’Andra] had been courageous, and brave, and adult enough to say it to my face, instead of the things that she said in her confessionals.”

LeeAnne says she was only made aware of D’Andra’s accusations in her confessionals as the season aired. “[D’Andra] never actually said that to my face, she waited until she got to the confessional.”

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For the most part yes, but D’Andra did bring it up when the two-of-them had a private heart-to-heart last season. In front of the cameras, of course! Admittedly, D’Andra did do most of her trash talking about Rich behind LeeAnne’s back.

Surprisingly, LeeAnne has no interest in finding out the source of the rumors about Rich. She stated, “To be quite honest with you, it doesn’t matter where she heard the lie. It’s a lie. Anyone who knows my husband knows how much he cherishes me, adores me, loves me.”

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LeeAnne went on to share, “It’s the reason, it’s the only reason I’m married. Because it took a man of such strength and honesty to be able to convince me that I was worth marrying.”

Despite Rich having several failed marriages behind him, he seems to be in it for the long haul with LeeAnne. He appears supportive of her and as they had been together for a decade before marrying, he is surely well-aware of her volcanic temper, character flaws and mercurial nature.

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Is there hope for the future friendship between D’Andra and LeeAnne? How do you forgive a friend for questioning the faithfulness of your partner? LeeAnne admits she was “pissed” when she found out that D’Andra had been gossiping about Rich. She added, “I don’t think it was the right move to make, especially if actually repairing our friendship is something that she was interested in.”

What would it take for the friendship to heal? LeeAnne explained, “And I want to say this, there is a part of D’Andra that I miss deeply and that I still love. But until that part can become the largest part of her, I don’t see our friendship moving forward.”

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There is always hope to repair broken relationships. If LeeAnne and sparring partner Brandi Redmond can mend fences, surely she and D’Andra can do the same. LeeAnne is not blameless in the situation, as she alleged last season that D’Andra had a drinking problem and was a spendthrift.

More recently, LeeAnne and Rich claimed that D’Andra’s husband Jeremy Lock  had cheated on her. Both sides need to zip their lips, forgive and move on if they want be friends again. Will the two work things out? We will see what happens as the season progresses.

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