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Most Real Housewives of Dallas viewers were surprised that LeeAnne Locken and Brandi Redmond are on good terms at the start of Season 4. What a turnaround from the Season 3 reunion. In contrast, no one was surprised that LeeAnne and D’Andra Simmons were still feuding

LeeAnne and Brandi keep talking about how they reconnected at “friend’s baby shower” in January. Well, let’s break down that fourth wall: the “friend” was actually Andy Cohen. If only D’Andra was there to celebrate at the Real Housewives-filled baby shower. Maybe she and LeeAnne could have made amends as well. However, she had a legit reason for skipping the party.

D’Andra explained her absence during an interview with People‘s Reality Check. D’Andra began, “Well actually, I had a facelift on January 8, because we only get a little bit, you know, January February time off.” Good for her, but it was bad timing socially.  D’Anra revealed, “The day after, I got an invitation to Andy’s baby shower. I mean literally came in the mail the day after and I went ‘Oh my God!’”

Aside from the facelift, D’Andra also took out her hair extensions. She explained, “When you have a facelift, you have your hair out and everything. I mean I didn’t even look like myself, I looked like a monster for a while.”

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D’Andra said she got the facelift in honor of her fiftieth birthday. And I’m just wondering who paid for it. Did Momma Dee foot the bill? (probably) Did D’Andra dip into her trust? (probably not) Was she able to write this off as an expense since she’s in the skincare business? (again, probably not) Unfortunately, D’Andra did not get into the financials, but she had no problem spilling some tea about her mother. As per usual.

D’Andra shared, “Of course my mother has had a few … you know she’s had a little bit of work done over the years.” The Dallas Housewife added, “She always said ‘you wanna do it, better to do it earlier than too late, because then people can notice. You just wanna wake up like you look refreshed.’” She’s not wrong. If only other Real Housewives took Momma Dee’s advice.

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Timing-wise it made sense for D’Andra to take advantage of the period between seasons to get the procedure done. However, this meant that she had to recover alone. D’Andra divulged, “The only bad thing is, I had the facelift, my husband left three days later to go to National Geographic for a conference.”

She confessed, “I am by myself, and I got depressed, because people don’t tell you you get depressed when you have a facelift” Where was Momma Dee during the recovery!?

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D’Andra revealed, “So I ate donuts for literally a month, because you know I love donuts from the show. I gained 25 lbs. after my face lift.”

With this knowledge, it was especially odd that Jeremy Lock gave D’Andra donuts for her fiftieth birthday. It’s even stranger since her gave her five gourmet donuts along with forty-five lesser donuts. Why not just go all out with fifty high-end donuts? Yes, I watched and know how he explained the symbolism, but that doesn’t mean I’m that into the gesture. Nevertheless, it’s the thought that counts, right?

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