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Gina Kirschenheiter Denies Being A “Mean Girl” Toward Emily Simpson; Says She “Protects” Emily The Way She Used To Protect Her Ex-Husband

It’s been so tough to watch the disintegration of Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson’s friendship this season on Real Housewives of Orange County. It seemed like they had a true friendship, beyond the show. However, it appears that Gina pulled a Cady Heron in Mean Girls and ditched her old friends for the Plastics, I mean the Tres Amigas.

Most of the RHOC viewers have rallied behind Emily. I mean, come on. How sad was it when Gina just got up from that fashion show to ditch Emily so she could sit with Shannon Beador? How sad was it to see Gina making fun of Emily with her new master BFF Tamra Judge? It was also so awkward when Emily wanted Gina to hit Vegas fresh off of her DUI and in the middle of her divorce. There is a whole lot to unpack. The relationship really fell apart this season. Will they be able to bounce back? Or is Gina under Tamra’s spell?

During a recent Watch What Happens Live After Show episode, a fan called in to ask Gina, “How is your friendship with Emily now? Do you regret not being there for her? You seem kind of like ‘mean girl’ towards her.” She said what a lot of viewers have been thinking.

Initially, Gina responded, “I understand that. I think I understand why it comes off that way.” Unfortunately, she didn’t own her actions after those comments. Instead, she pulled the ex-husband card.

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Gina continued, “I feel like a lot of the time in my friendship with Emily. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I feel like I have been almost protecting Emily in a way that I used to protect my ex-husband [Matt Kirschenheiter].” Ummmm, what was Emily supposedly doing that remotely mirrored Matt’s behavior? This is the same guy who allegedly threatened to kill Gina while her kids were home.

Still, Gina maintained, “And it’s very difficult for me because I care about her and I love her, but there are a lot of things that she does that is not how I have friendships. And there [are] examples of them that we’re not gonna actually go into on Watch What Happens Live. But, they’re there. We’ll get into them at the reunion.” I can’t wait for that. Will Tamra back Gina up after Gina’s months of kissing Tamra’s ass on the show and in promotional interviews?

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Gina told Andy Cohen, “It’s hard for me.” Andy responded, “It sounds like you’ve been looking at it though. I have.” Of course, she has. She had to get her explanations in order before the reunion taping. Gina concluded, “I do love her, but she’s confusing to me.” And you are confusing to many viewers, Gina. From the hair and makeup choices to the fashions to the questionable friendship moves, Gina has provided many of us with some confusion. But, how does Emily feel!?


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