90 Day Fiance: Leida Margaretha Reconciles With Husband Eric Rosenbrook’s Daugther Tasha

90 Day Fiance alum Leida Margaretha made it clear that she wanted to be her husband Eric Rosenbrook’s “number one priority.”  As the season progressed, Leida alienated Eric’s ex-wife and elder daughter.  Tasha Rosenbrook was the prime target because she was sharing an apartment with her father at the time Leida moved to the U.S.

On screen, the drama peaked when Leida threw Tasha out of their apartment.  The damage between father and daughter seemed irreparable as Eric backed the decision.  Offscreen, the drama escalated on social media to the point where Leida filed a restraining order against her step-daughter, who recently changed her name to Alari Stark.

Recently, Leida decided to drop the restraining order in an effort to make amends.  She and Alari spoke to In Touch Weekly about their reconciliation.

As the one who put the order in first place, Leida took a moment to explain why she decided to drop it.  She said, “the restraining order [was] never meant to be forever.  I did that because I had to.  I have nothing against Alari.  It breaks my heart to see this family had to [be] this way, and I know that my husband, Eric, is really [caring] and he loves his kids.  Then when I heard they’re both sincere and talk each other again, I’m thinking like, ‘[Why] should I continue this family feud?”

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Leida revealed that their shared love of cosplay helped she and Alari to find common ground.  Leida explained, “at the same time, I heard from my husband that Alari has nothing against me either, so I think it [was] best to proceed to dismiss the restraining order.  Especially [since] Alari and I shared the same hobbies like crafting, cosplay, and art, so it’s so unfortunate if we can’t support each other as a family.  We are family, whether you like it or not, we are somehow related.  So, that’s also the reason why I decided to drop it.”

But it was not an easy process.  Alari explained that she had a hard time trusting her step-mother again.  She said, “the 90 Day drama aside, I’ve been going through a lot  and things have been stupid hard for me lately.  So allowing anybody new in my life, whether or not I’ve known them in the past, has been a trip.  A middle school friend recently reached out to me and though we were great friends then, with my paranoia, I’m having a hard time trusting them.  Cosplay has helped, but this isn’t anything I’ve planned on stopping, despite the many people trying to get me to.  The family support is nice though.”

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Cosplay became a family affair.  Leida and Alari worked together on a costume for Eric’s youngest daughter Jennica.  “While both Alari and I were working on the costume separately because we’re not allowed to make contact to each other I was also at the same time, [in the process of getting] my lawyer to prepare all the paperwork and send it to the court and wait for the judge to sign it,” Leida said, “so at that time while we’re both working on that, my husband Eric was our middle guy, or the messenger of both Alari and I.”

Leida spoke highly of her step-daughter, “we shared the same hobbies, talents, interests, so its not hard at all.  And yes, shared interest of cosplay helps a lot.  Also, Alari has an amazing talent, also she needs more guidance, more support from the family, and more great resources.  We just need to keep supporting each other, since we’re family.”

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The two cosplay enthusiasts presented panels together at the Wizard Wold Comic Con in Madison, Wisconsin last month.  Clearly, their relationship has come a long way.  And Leida is intent on being a good stepmother to all of Eric’s daughters.  She said, “I will always help and keep supporting not only Alari but for all the kids, [including] her sisters and my own son, to improve their talents.”


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