Real Housewives Of Orange County Alum Alexis Bellino Blasts Former Castmate Tamra Judge For Being Two-Faced

Alexis Bellino might not be a cast member of Real Housewives of Orange County anymore, but that won’t stop the trampoline park queen from weighing in on none other than ex-castmate Tamra Judge.

In the latest episode of RHOC, we start to see the walls closing in on Tamra, partly thanks to Kelly Dodd telling Tamra’s puppet best friend, Shannon Beador that Tamra said she is “getting fat” again. As childish of an insult that may be, gaining weight must be the ultimate sin in Orange County (insert eye roll, please) and viewers everywhere gasped at the injustice of it all. Or was that just me? Obviously not because despite Alexis claiming she doesn’t keep up with the show, she certainly had a lot to say about the pint-sized pot-stirrer.

During a recent interview with toofab, Alexis was asked about the accusations that Tamra is two-faced. She said, “Because I was on a show with her for four years, and I have first[hand] knowledge and also saw how she sells her soul every day to make a paycheck. And the greed of money is the root of all evil. It’s a Bible scripture. So I’m just saying, she needs to freaking watch it and be really careful because God is on the throne”. I see Jesus Jugs is still alive and well!

Alexis went on to say, “I know she needs to make a dollar, but so do I and so does everyone else in this country,” she continued. “I think that if you consistently do things that are damaging and hurtful and just below the belt and evil, it’s gonna catch up to you. If you do it once in a while, one slip up, and you say, ‘God, I’m so sorry,’ okay. But when it’s been a consecutive, consistent, 13-year career path, God’s not gonna just turn His eye away from that.” Amen to that.

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When discussing the recent dinner where some of the OC ladies went out and compared notes on what a terrible person Tamra was being, Alexis remains surprised at how long it’s taken everyone to catch on, saying of the other women, “They’re a little slow. Sorry. Love you, Kelly and Emily [Simpson], but you’re a little bit slow,” she added, still laughing. “This has been happening for a lot of years.”

Unless you have been living under a rock in Vicki Gunvalson’s Coto de Caza backyard, you should already know that Alexis is right about all the years Tamra has been causing trouble. But, is this the season where the rest of the women finally catch on and stick to their guns?

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