Below Deck Deckhands

A New Deckhand Joins The Crew Of Valor On Tonight’s Below Deck!

If we thought previous Below Deck guests came ready to party we haven’t seen anything until tonight’s Florida State University alums get on board Valor! Drunk and disorderly seem to be putting it nicely.

While Kate Chastain struggles to retain control of an unruly charter, she’s further challenged by Simone Mashile being distracted by a crush on Tanner Sterback. Simone already feels in over her head with service, and then is forced to handle an overly flirtatious attentions from a guest. 

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Kevin Dobson is back to his arrogant ways, and once again frustrated by interior, decides to take matters into his own hands – which leads to irrevocable damage in his working relationship with Kate.

With the deck crew already down a member after Abbi Murphy left, Brian de Saint Pern injures his knee; placing additional strain on Ashton Pienaar. As Courtney Skippon nurses Brian back to health, deepening their connection, Captain Lee Rosbach scrambles to find a replacement for Abbi.

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Ashton is none too thrilled with who Captain Lee comes up with to join the deck crew… My money is on Rhylee Gerber returning (which would be completely inauthentic, but an insane shit-show), although I’ve also heard rumors that it’s Tyler Rowland from last season. Tyler was a hard-worker from what I recall, and didn’t seem to give anyone but Rhylee problems, so I don’t know what would annoy Ashton about that!

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