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Andy Cohen Says Shane Simpson’s Comments About Marriage With Emily Simpson Are “Devastating”; Emily Disagrees

The Real Housewives of Orange County has had more than its share of bad marriages. Viewers have been subjected to uncomfortable scenes of marriages falling apart almost since the beginning of the show. Watching RHOC through the years is enough to make someone not only think twice about marriage, but to consider taking a vow of celibacy!

Who could forget the unhappy union of Donn Gunvalson and Vicki Gunvalson? The ugly fights of Tamra Judge and Simon Barney? Kelly Dodd’s eagerness to shed husband Michael Dodd? More recently, Gina Kirschenheiter’s divorce has played out on the show and in the media like a tragic Lifetime movie. Emily Simpson’s marriage has also been the subject of conversation due to hubby Shane Simpson’s disdainful comments towards her on the show. It seems fair to ask, how does Emily really feel about Shane’s sarcastic comments?

On a recent Watch What Happens Live Aftershow, host Andy Cohen asked Emily, “His [Shane’s] interviews are devastating. Are they to you?” Emily replied, “No.” Andy then followed up with, “No? Why?”

Emily responded, “Because that’s him. Like I know when other people see it for the first time, they’re like, ‘Oh my God. I can’t believe he said that.'”

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Yes, Emily, that is probably how most people feel when they hear some of Shane’s comments. Shocked, appalled and a little curious as to why you are still married to him. Many couples playfully joke with each other, but Shane’s comments often go beyond what is respectful or fun.

Andy when on to state, “People think that you definitely are going to get divorced.” Emily denied this would happen, saying, “Yeah, no.” Well, it was a fair statement from Andy. Emily and Shane are not exactly the poster couple for marital respect and happiness!

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In follow up, Andy went on to ask Emily, “There’s nothing he’s said when you’ve watched it back that has hurt you?”

Emily answered, “Yeah, I mean I think he’s a dick. I mean, I’m not like, like oh my gosh, like he’s a jerk. He’s being a dick. Like I get it. I’m not like trying to make excuses for him.” But didn’t Emily just excuse Shane’s behavior by saying, “Because that’s him?”

Every marriage has problems and most marriages probably have communication issues of some kind. But it must be difficult–and maybe eye-opening–to see your private concerns played out for the world to see on television.

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Is there a kinder, gentler Shane that the viewers don’t experience? Emily claims there is. She explained, “But I see a side of him that other people don’t get to see. So I think that that’s what makes up for it. Like, I know it sounds awful, but then I’m the one that goes home with him at night when we’re alone and he says nice things and he gives me cards and he writes nice things to me.”

In expressing what many viewers probably wonder about, Andy stated, “It’s interesting that he doesn’t find it in his own best interest to do that when the cameras are on.”

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Emily agreed with Andy’s assertion, admitting, “No, you would think. I mean, he’s obviously smart. Like, he has a high IQ, but like, I think the dick side takes over. I don’t know.” That would be Shane, “Lil Bitch” Simpson, to be exact. The person Kelly warned us all about last season.

Concluding her thoughts about her husband, Emily joked, “I said to him, when someone asks you if you miss your wife and kids, the answer is always fricking yes.”

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Let’s hope for Emily’s sake that “yes” from Shane is expressed genuinely in the future. Everyone deserves respect–especially a spouse. Cards with nice words are great, but don’t really make up for repeated sarcastic digs. Emily has claimed that Shane has learned a lesson about his behavior from being on the show. Only time will tell if the Simpson marriage goes down the divorce road that so many other RHOC couples have taken.


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