Braunwyn Windham-Burke Says Shane Simpson Asked Her If She Was “Dumb” The First Time They Met

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Shane Simpson has received a lot of attention this season. And not always in a positive way. The Real Housewives of Orange County hubby has taken lots of flack for his treatment of wife Emily Simpson. Gina Kirschenheiter has called Shane “disrespectful,” “snarky” and “mean.”  Vicki Gunvalson compared Emily’s marriage issues to hers with ex Donn Gunvalson. Tamra Judge doesn’t think Emily’s marriage will survive reality television.

Viewers have watched Shane be dismissive of Emily and her feelings. When he was taking the bar exam, he isolated himself from their family. On a recent episode, Shane teased Emily with a bread basket at a restaurant when they were dining out, insensitive to Emily’s concerns about her weight. Apparently, his wife is not the only one of the RHOC cast Shane can be condescending to. One of Emily’s co-stars was also “Shane Shamed” the first time she met him.

On a recent Real Housewives of Orange County Aftershow, Braunwyn Windham-Burke spilled the tea on her first meeting with Shane. She stated, “The first time he met me off-camera, he actually said to me, the first words out of his mouth, ‘Are you really this dumb or is it an act?'”

Now why in the world would that offend Braunwyn? Can you imagine meeting someone for the first time and that is what they say to you? Braunwyn is an odd duck, but she doesn’t strike me as dumb. And even if she was, why would someone say it? Shame on you, Shane Shamer!

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So, what does Emily think about her man’s crass comments? On the Real Housewives of Orange County Aftershow, Emily was asked how Shane feels about watching his relationship with her on the show. Instead of answering the question directly, Emily defended her husband, declaring, “I feel like he gets a bad rap unnecessarily.”

It is to be expected that a wife would back up her husband, but Shane can be very rude and condescending. No one is making him behave as he does. It is almost as if he doesn’t care how he is portrayed despite being filmed. It is either arrogance, foolishness or stupidity. My vote would be for arrogance.

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Emily does acknowledge Shane has some social flaws. She admitted, “I mean, can he be a jerk? Absolutely. We’ve been married for 11 years, so obviously, there’s more to Shane than just this one-dimensional character.”

As far as Shane being more than a one-dimensional character, I am going to take Emily’s word for it as she seems like an honest person. So far, I have not seen the kinder side of Shane. Some people think Bravo shows the men on their shows in a bad light. Personally, I think Shane’s sarcastic light is at least a significant part of who he is.

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Continuing to back up her husband, Emily went on to say, “There isn’t a woman out there that’s married and has been married for a long time that has not said, ‘Yeah, my husband can be a jerk.’ I mean, I’m a jerk, he’s a jerk, that’s what marriage is about.”

I can’t say I have heard the “I’m a jerk”–“he’s a jerk’ declarations in any wedding vows. Of course, we can all be jerks at times. Most of us are probably not Shane Simpson level jerks, however. If their marriage works for the Simpson’s, good for them. They say there is someone for everyone–Shane and Emily seem to be proof of this.

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