Kelly Dodd Responds To Criticism For Saying Shannon Beador (& 50-Year-Old Women In General) Shouldn’t Have Long Hair

Just like many viewers, Kelly Dodd has had it with the Tres Amigas. She’s had up and down relationships with Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson for years, but it really seemed like she had a genuine friendship with Shannon Beador. So much for that. Thanks to those train rumors and some Jim Bellino interference, their bond has been broken.

During last night’s Real Housewives of Orange County episode, a post-strip club Kelly hated on Shannon’s hairstyle. I have to give props to Shannon for switching up her look. Was it my favorite look? No. Was it lost on me that she copied Tamra? Absolutely not. Nevertheless, Kelly’s comments were unnecessary. To make matters worse she said that women over fifty shouldn’t have long hair. That’s far from the most offensive thing that Kelly has ever said. Nevertheless, the RHOC viewers took issue with her remarks and Kelly responded.

Kelly asked Twitter users what they thought of the episode and she was met with criticism. One person told Kelly, “You were a little mean to Shannon though.” True. Kelly countered with “She’s been ‘a little mean’ to me all season on and off camera …” Again, true. Very true. It’s clear those Tres Amigas had it out for Kelly all season. If only she could hold back her reactions. Then again, her outbursts are usually entertaining. Carry on, Kelly Dodd.

Someone else told Kelly, “Hair length based on age?! Get TF outta here. How stupid. You can be so funny but then you take it to a level of insanity and it makes you look as bad.” The RHOC Housewife responded, “It was a joke. lighten up.” Another fan did not agree, tweeting, “I’m sick of hearing that [every time] you go below belt you say “Oh it was a joke” BUT if someone says something to you, they were a bitch. Grow up & act like a lady. This is where you need to learn a lot. Stop crying wolf.”

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Kelly rebutted with “There’s a massive difference between saying someone needs a different hairstyle vs the actual vicious and personal attacks and rumors made on not only me but my family …” But, was that Shannon? Or her masters Vicki and Tamra?

Another viewer told Kelly, “Just FYI, I am 61-years-old. My hair is hip length. I GREW it this long. I plan to grow it LONGER. What does AGE have to do w/hair length? (Re: Telling Shannon to cut hers!). That’s YOUR opinion. HER life! #StopItKelly told her, “Aw your hair is so beautiful.”

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One RHOC fan sent Kelly a photo of herself and wrote, “Hey @RHOC_KellyDodd. I’m usually on your side, but women over 50 do not have to cut their hair. We can wear our hair anyway we want. Here’s me at over 50 with my long hair and it’s not extensions. #RHOC.” Kelly responded, “You look stunning now just don’t be nasty or spread false rumors and I won’t tell you to cut it.” So, it’s not really about the pasta hair.

After responding to a bunch of fans, Kelly wrote, “I was not a fan of Shannon’s hair (or Shannon period) at the time but I didn’t mean to make it sound like it applied for all women. I was moreso just fed up with her constant poking and scheming on and off camera. Wear what makes you feel beautiful ladies.”

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Kelly concluded by poking fun at herself and a messy hair moment. She joked, “Then again who am I to talk about bad hairstyles?”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]