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Shannon Beador And Tamra Judge Respond To People Who Said They Were Dramatic About Kelly Dodd Hitting Shannon On The Head

All Shannon Beador wanted to do was plan a relaxing and healing trip for her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars. The Housewives journeyed to Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa to get their zen on. Their trip would include healing time, spa treatments, and much-needed bonding. What could go wrong?

Kelly Dodd is the answer to that question. From the moment that she arrived, RHOC’s resident hot-head was sarcastic and cranky. She was not looking forward to seeing her newly demoted enemy, Vicki Gunvalson, who was scheduled to arrive the next day.

At the spa, a sound bath ceremony concluded with Shannon standing in a large bowl, with a smaller metal bowl on her head. Kelly rang Shannon’s bell by giving the bowl on her head a whack with a mallet.

Shannon immediately developed a severe headache and blurry vision in one eye after she discovered that it was Kelly that hit her. So, her bestie, Tamra Judge, casually mentioned that her son Ryan Vieth’s dad received a whack on his head and his spinal fluid started leaking. Shannon, who is a hypochondriac, was pretty sure that her head was going to explode, so Tamra accompanied her to the hospital. During the ride there, Shannon called Vicki to fill her in on what Kelly did.

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Meanwhile, Kelly made fun of Shannon for feigning symptoms from Kelly’s “love tap.” Kelly also thought that “knocking some sense into that bitch” was good for Shannon. Kelly demonstrated by smacking Gina Kirschenheiter on top of her head, but Gina doesn’t play that game. Gina became a whirlwind of fury who exploded then threatened to go home. I thought for a second that she was going to get in Kelly’s face. This group is a hot mess. Seriously–would Oprah Winfrey put up with this at one of her favorite places? I think not!

Now Tamra and Shannon are clapping back at their critics on Instagram. Their comments are posted on the commentsbybravo Instagram page. (The grammar is a bit rough in some of the posts.) “Just watched next week’s episode. #dramabeyond #rhoc,” Shannon wrote.

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A follower asked Shannon if her blurry vision could have been the result of her removing her contacts. “And maybe it was Tamra getting in your head ??” Is this even a question?  Tamra answered, “yes it was me being concerned. the stupidity is real.”

Shannon chimed in addressing the blurry vision conspiracy. “I’m nearsighted. When my contacts are in, I can’t see up close. So, I took them out to test my vision. A bit disturbing you think a physical hit is somehow humorous.”

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But never fear, another follower came to Shannon and Tamra’s defense. “For real though better safe than sorry especially with any potential head injury,” the fan said. “You hear stories all the time where people think they’re fine with a little headache and then die.”

Tamra answered, “right! If im a bad friend for be overly cautious.. then…” Of course, let’s remember that Tamra said that Shannon may have a mild concussion, but her cat-scan looked fine.

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna didn’t want to miss  any chance to be relevant comment. “Well you look absolutely fabulous and that’s all that matters,” Lisa wrote. Would you expect anything else from Lisa?

Of course, Tamra was unable to let it go. “I can’t wait for all those people that said you were being dramatic to watch next week,” Tamra posted.

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Kelly has been in the center of the drama all season. Kelly denied that she was part of a sex train with multiple partners. That choo-choo rumor was brought to light by Tamra and Vicki. For her part, Kelly called Tamra and Vicki “stale” and stated that they should leave the show altogether. As for Kelly? Perhaps she needs to practice keeping her hands to herself.


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