Cynthia Bailey’s Man Mike Hill Responds To Haters Who Said It Was “Inappropriate” For Him To Live With Her Daughter

Although things worked out great on The Brady Bunch, blending families isn’t always that easy. That’s why it’s so nice that Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill’s families have come together in such a harmonious way. Or at least that’s what I thought.

There are other people who said it was “inappropriate” that Cynthia’s adult daughter Noelle Robinson moved in with Mike in Los Angeles.

Mike responded to the criticism in an interview with Madame Noire. Mike began, “Noelle is like my daughter. Anything that any of my two daughters have, Noelle can have. That’s how I look at it. My youngest daughter actually lives in LA too, so it’s not like it’s just the two of us in the house together. My youngest daughter actually goes to UCLA and is always there. Cynthia’s always there!” Come on, haters. There is nothing weird about this living arrangement AT ALL.

Mike shared, “Noelle came out there because she wanted to get into acting and she’s pursuing her influencer role. She’s trying to do her thing and find herself in LA. So instead of her going to spend $3,000 or $4,000 for a place and not having any friends who she can room with, I got a four bedroom brand new house out there. I’ve got plenty of space.” Makes perfect sense to me. Well, minus yet another person trying to become an “influencer.” There are way too many of those right now.

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Mike continued, “She’s free to come stay there and like I said, she’s like a daughter to me. So the people who tried to make it all weird and all that stuff, I tried to ignore it or whatever.”

Even though Mike tried to ignore the critics, he actually had a lot to say. Mike told the publication, “I’m looking at it like that’s my blood. What are you saying about me? What are you saying about her? Are you questioning my character? My daughters come live with me so what’s the big deal? I look at Noelle as my daughter so if she comes to live with me while she’s doing that or whatever and Cynthia is in and out, I’m not thinking or having any second thoughts about that whatsoever.” And he shouldn’t have to have these second thoughts, but of course, there are just so many haters to respond to.

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Mike said, “It’s almost like if I was Cynthia’s brother and Noelle came to live with Cynthia’s brother, why would anybody complain about that? I’m Cynthia’s fiancé. I’m going to be in her life. We’re going to be married.” Exactly.

Mike is good with the arrangement. Cynthia is on board. And, Noelle’s father Leon Robinson is good with it as well. So, what’s the problem? Mike shared, “Leon has no problem with it. It’s just unfortunate that sometimes you see little blurbs and people jumping in your DMS and people jumping in your social media and saying stuff. You try to avoid all the negativity. You see it and you hear it. But at the same time it’s like, it’s just disheartening sometimes that we can’t look at Black people, I’m just speaking real right now, that we can’t look at it and say we’re just here to help one another and not make it anything nefarious or weird or crazy or scandalous.” And it really shouldn’t be at-all-scandalous that Mike and his future stepdaughter have a great relationship that BOTH of her parents are on board with.

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Even with all of the negative attention, Mike said, “The thing about it is, I saw people on blogs and social media talking about it, bringing it up, and not for one second did I think I made a mistake by welcoming her into my home. I would definitely do it again.”

It’s not just Mike that Noelle gets along with. Mike shared, “My kids and Noelle have a great relationship. They’re always together and always talking or whatever. Like I said, my youngest daughter is at UCLA and she’s basically Noelle’s sister. They hang out all the time. Noelle has been a huge help to me, picking up my daughter whenever she needs a ride or whatever or taking care of some business. I just think people made a big deal out of it and I just hope that we can get past that.” I hope so too. Next “scandal,” please.

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