Rhylee Gerber Below deck

Below Deck Star Rhylee Gerber Didn’t Get A Tip Because She Joined Charter On Day 2; Brian de Saint Pern Was Sick & Still Got Tip

Rhylee Gerber showed up when the Below Deck crew needed her. Abbi Murphy split after her text message engagement. Tanner Sterback was coming off of an illness. Brian de Saint Pern was in bed resting after his leg injury and subsequent infection.

They needed Rhylee on deck, even though Ashton Pienaar, Captain Lee Rosbach, and Kevin Dobson didn’t care for her presence. Yes, Rhylee rubs them the wrong way, but she actually does her job, unlike Simone Mashile, for instance. Simone can’t even make an iced coffee. The crew had to be so grateful that Rhylee showed up when the team was crumbling, right? Apparently not, according to Rhylee, Captain Lee did not give Rhylee a portion of the tip from that charter.

Rhylee tweeted, “Lee made it clear i was not to be getting any [tip money] since ‘the boys did all the heavy lifting.’ Really? Say what you want about Rhylee, but she does her job.

A fan told Rhylee, “Wtf? Thats unfair? If it was Kate [Chastain] in your position i cant help but feel the outcome would of been diffrent.” Rhylee responded with “100 F*CKING percent!” I have to agree with that. I can’t help wondering if things would be different if a deckhand that Captain Lee liked joined the cast.

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Someone else asked Rhylee, “Didn’t @capthlr say that everyone gets a tip no matter what?? Brian was in bed most of the charter and he still got a tip. Hey @capthlr can you clarify this for us? I think it’s unfair that she didn’t get tipped but Brian did and he was in bed most of the time…..” In response, Rhylee declared, “He has yet to comment…money isn’t the issue here, it’s the double standard.”

Another viewer asked Rhylee, “Were u there the entire charter? I thought u got there the guests last day?” Rhylee clarified, “Day 2 around noon, so essentially, half of the charter.”

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Even though “money isn’t the issue here,” Rhylee also tweeted, “Show me the money!!!”


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