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Below Deck Alum Rhylee Gerber Doesn’t Like Captain Lee Rosbach & Anastasia Surmava; Says She Went On A Date With Colin Macy-O’Toole

The casting agents (usually) do such a great job selecting the crew members for Below Deck and Below Deck Mediterranean. It’s just tough getting to know these people throughout a whole season only to have most of them disappear from TV immediately after. The only cast member who has been on every season of Below Deck is Captain Lee Rosbach. The employee turnover rate is unbelievable on this show.

Still, that doesn’t stop the alums from dishing on the drama and sharing their opinions. Below Deck Season 6 deckhand Rhylee Gerber had no problem talking back speaking her mind last season. Even though she’s not on the show anymore, she’s still keeping up with the drama and has a lot to say.

She discussed a recent Below Deck Med episode during an appearance on Another Below Deck Podcast. She asked, “Does anyone else give a fuck that Anastasia [Surmava] crawls across the table to set it?” That’s honestly a great question, Rhylee. Why did Anastasia do that for multiple episodes?

Rhylee added, “How is that five star? Not five star!” And then she spoke for many viewers when she said, “You know what, I don’t fucking like Anastasia. And every episode: it gets worse.” Seriously though. She was enjoyable to watch at first. It was compelling to see her step up as chef. Then she let her new job title get to her head and her attitude kept getting worse, even when she returned to her Third Stew position.

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Rhylee remarked, “She whines, but she is also not good.” Oh, girl, don’t whine about whining. Still, Anastasia actually made a good first impression on Rhylee. She recalled, “I one hundred percent, at the beginning of the season, thought we were the same person. We are not.”

During the same podcast, Rhylee randomly revealed, “Colin [Macy-O’Toole] and I went on a date. In New York.” Then she backtracked, saying, “It’s not really a date.” Alright, then. After, Rhylee claimed, “He ended up coming back to my hotel room.” Ultimately, she concluded, “No, I didn’t fuck Colin. He’s too skinny.”

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Then, Rhylee admitted, “I needed Colin because I was like emotional.” She also said, “I love Colin. I think Colin is a great guy. I love Sandy [Yawn].”

And then she went in on her former boss. Rhylee declared, “I fucking don’t like Captain Lee.” Wow.

Then she compared his career to hers. Rhylee said, “Let me just say this. I don’t know shit about running a yacht, right? However, I know that when it comes to running my thirty-six-foot skiff in Alaskan fucking weather, where we call a bad weather day at over fifty mile an hour wind and five-foot seas, I know that I’m still operating that boat manually. I don’t know what goes on in a yacht because I haven’t seen what goes on in a yacht. There’s a lot of buttons.” How has she not seen what goes on in a yacht? She’s worked on a yacht.

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Rhylee concluded, “I’m not saying Captain Lee didn’t earn his stripes, but don’t come at me and say I’m a ‘tug boat captain’ when you’re not doing shit physically.” Bitter much?


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