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Margaret Josephs Speaks Out About Danielle Staub Pulling Her Ponytail; Says Attack Was “Horrific”

Real Housewives of New Jersey is known for its drama and tension during cast dinners. Just think back to Season 1, and Teresa Giudice’s legendary table-flipping rant against Danielle Staub.

Now the RHONJ ladies can add a clothing boutique to the list of public places where they went nuts and are no longer welcome have had an argument turn physical. We know that someone pulled Margaret Joseph’s ponytail during a heated argument, but now we get to see exactly what transpired.

In the most recent episode of RHONJ, Teresa planned a shopping event and invited all the ladies. Danielle asked Teresa to have her back. That is never a good sign. I still am not sure why Teresa is so loyal to Danielle.

Once the ladies arrived, Teresa and Danielle separated from the group. The other New Jersey Housewives laughed about Danielle, and naturally Danielle asked Teresa to stop the other ladies from ganging up on her.

Teresa, who was pretty liquored up, told the other ladies to stop. Margaret and Danielle traded angry words, and Margaret poured a bottle of water over Danielle’s head. Not to be out-done, Danielle dumped out Margaret’s purse, and puts some items in a burning candle. But just before she left, Danielle grabbed Margaret by her ponytail and pulled it. Hard.

Margaret took to Twitter to share her thoughts about the attack. “Happy New Year! I just want to check in & say while everyone is anticipating tonight’s episode it is very painful for me to relive. The energy that day frightened me & to this day it still does,” Margaret tweeted. “I have never hit anyone nor did I after being pushed or being assaulted from behind.”

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In a following tweet, Margaret defended pouring water over Danielle’s head. “2nd part: what I did do after a half hour of a brutal back and forth with my personal space being invaded was to pour water on someone who was clearly looking to assault me and push me into a physical altercation. I have been told I deserved it, I asked for it…. I was attacked.”

Margaret concluded her comments by tweeting, “Part 3: a full 12 minutes after the fact from behind. My neck was snapped back, easily could have been broken. I could not defend myself. I could have been paralyzed,” Margaret wrote. “Everyone was crying including production. It was horrific. I wanted to forget move on. To this day devastated.”

And, of course, Danielle also spoke out about the incident. (Warning: the grammar is a bit rough in this post.) She explained her feelings on the realhousewivesfranchise Instagram account. “Margaret carries this off camera as well and it’s been 2 ½ years of her. She never ever shuts up!” Danielle wrote. “She caused my husband and I to divorce she calls Marty [Caffrey] to talk about his and my privacy? Most definitely has entitlement issues and a complete obsession with me she’s been destructive violent towards me so I’m red wine in my face pushing at the poking at me screaming at me telling me I should kill myself. “The world would be better without you”

Yikes! What Danielle did was not acceptable, and I don’t know where the show goes from here. That fight was ugly.


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