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Kenya Moore Shades Marlo Hampton & Her Wigs; Says Marlo Is Ashamed Of Her Hair Due To Its Poor Condition

The origin of Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton’s years-long feud is abundantly unclear, but their animosity provides the Real Housewives of Atlanta fans with endless entertainment. During a dinner scene from last night’s episode, Marlo told Kenya to take her wig off.

Kenya insists that she never wears wigs, so if that’s the case, she obviously couldn’t take one off. Meanwhile, Marlo has a line of wigs, even though the wigs she rocks are often messy and ill-fitting. The RHOA stars didn’t leave their quips back and forth to the episode though. They also threw some shade on social media and I love them for it.

Marlo tweeted, “Get you a wig, everybody else got one.” She didn’t “@” Kenya, but all know who she was talking to, especially since she retweeted a lot of tweets about Kenya’s hair. Marlo retweeted a viewer who wrote, “I mean, the audacity. Then lie about that’s her hair. BYE WIG.”

Marlo also retweeted a fan who posted, “We have never seen Kenya’s real hair since she’s been on this show.”


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I love how Marlo continued the shade to promote her wig line, even though, as I stated, Marlo isn’t exactly known for her well-fitting wigs. Kenya took the same approach by shading Marlo all while promoting Kenya Moore Haircare.

Kenya began an Instagram post with “I exclusively use @KenyaMooreHair to keep my hair healthy. When I use all my products my hair grows so fast bc it is strong and it retains length.”


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Then, mid-explanation about her products, she threw a clear dig at Marlo: ” Protective styles can be used occasionally to give your hair a rest. However, wigs should be used to cover up your hair bc you are ashamed of it due to its poor condition.”

This is what Real Housewives should be about: fun, harmless shade and shameless self-promotion. This is the kind of feud I love to see.


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